Tech Birthdays – How Old will These Tech Companies Be in 2019

How Old will These Tech Companies be in

Happy New Year!

Till today, Tech Giants have re-shaped our day-to-day activities with their great tech-inventions, discoveries and advancements in different industries. This new year, all these tech-firms are gearing up for their advanced technology researches, innovations and products. So, today, 01Synergy has come up with a list of tech birthdays of 2019 to take a look at how old will the foremost tech companies will turn out to be this year.

So without further commotion – Here is your list of Technology birthdays.

Tech Birthdays of 2019

Tech Birthdays of 2019

IBM – 108 Years

HP – 80 Years

INTEL – 51 Years

Microsoft – 44 Years

Apple – 43 Years

Amazon – 25 Years

01Synergy – 22 Years

Mozilla – 22 Years

Google – 22 Years

Facebook – 15 Years

Twitter – 13 Years

SnapChat – 8 Years

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