The Phenomenal Benefits of Creating an Online Store on Shopify

If you haven’t still, it is time not, you must get your business online quickly to keep selling during a critical situation like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Setting up an online store on Shopify is a very good option a sit provides you with a good opportunity to woo your customers. Your shop may be new or you could be migrating from another commerce platform. The basic set up can be done without technical know-how.

However, to ensure a professional look, integration, and features beneficial for your business, it is best to take professional help.

Outsourcing developing companies such as 01Synergy provide customized Shopify development and integration solutions. This helps the merchants get a tailor-made website at affordable prices.

The pandemic is drawing a humongous number of customers online.

At the same time, it is bringing the sellers too. As a merchant, you want to stand out. Moreover, each business has unique needs based on products, integrations, and the buying process.

 Benefits of creating an online store on Shopify

Shopify store setup

Your eCommerce store or website can be launched in a space owned by Shopify. Without learning any coding, one can set a shop and go live.

It offers an admin panel that provides tons of options to choose from regarding design, pages, menus, etc. you pay them a subscription for as long as you use their platform.

However, it does require a lot of planning, identifying goals, and making strategies for a competent setup. It is like making a house without knowing the masonry work or plumbing but you do need an architect who can instruct the mason and the plumber to work according to a plan.

If you have the skills, it is fine. But if you don’t, do not hesitate to connect with a Shopify Partner who can manage the entire process of creating a development store, adding products, configuring themes and apps, and then furnishing the finished website to the merchant.

Attractive display& customization

Shopify provides the benefit of themes and templates to create a visually appealing online shop.

Although there is not much variety with the help of a designer, the sky is the limit! Developers from 01Synergy experienced on the Shopify platform can fashion an amazing look with a rich UI and UX.

From full design overhauls to adding a single button, merchants often require help to get their online stores looking exactly the way they want. Developers can do anything from light theme customizations to full-scale bespoke theme building.

Quite often, merchants migrate an existing business from another commerce platform. They frequently require custom development work to export data from their legacy systems into the new store.

App Integrations

Shopify is a cloud application, software as a service, or SaaS. It provides a platform where one can create a store, add products, pricing, and process orders.

Before one puts up shop on the site, one has to set up apps, market, and multi-channel integration. Their software can be made to integrate with the existing systems that one may have in running the business operation, for example, the inventory, supply chain, or accounts.

01Synergy helps you with that and with putting up pages, logos, or any other thing for amazing customization.

 Many times merchants require unique features on the outlet. For that, they can have developers create custom apps that change how a single store works. It provides a hassle-free experience to customers and converts your online venture into a booming business.

SEO friendly

At Shopify, you can draw the benefit of optimizing the landing pages to align with your campaigns. It supports the usage of SEO parameters like custom meta titles and tags to rank higher in search. It ensures that whenever a user searches for a product that you are selling; your store comes on top.

Last words

With amazing features, Shopify is a great choice for expanding to eCommerce. You can go and do the setup process yourself too. But, there is always a way, a better way, and the best way.

If you are planning to start your online shop, it is the best time to invest in Shopify development services and has an engaging, optimized, and engaging selling store delivered to you.