QVIC Hosted, Audio Video Conference System, Unified Communication

QVIC or Quick Video Calling application is an innovative unified communication framework for video/audio calling, conferencing, and document sharing on a privately hosted secure platform.

Although there are a number of video conferencing (VC) tools available, and most of them are free, most organizations think that their data and privacy are exposed to cyber-attacks and hackers.

The usage of such insecure platforms enables the leakage of sensitive information such as chat, meeting details, dialogue, and documents.

Realizing the security issues, 01Synergy has developed a safe and secure video conferencing system for effectual functioning and seamless coordination.

Starting in March 2020, the world saw an unprecedented shift to working from home. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has made VC tools indispensable, which was previously recognized only as alternative ways to communicate within an organization.

However, the privacy issues of the offered VC tools seem to have outnumbered the usefulness, especially for government bodies.

A breach of security on public networks.

Consider a virtual conference being held. There are several parameters involved in it such as meeting details, conversation, instant messages, and data transmission.

Any exposed thread or a breach in the conferencing security may convert the private meeting into a public surveillance camera! It might allow cyber hackers to record and re-broadcast the meeting. It is the worst security nightmare.

The QVIC application, developed by 01Synergy on the JITSI platform takes care of all these issues and more.

Benefits of QVIC hosted Audio-Video Conference System

In-house tool for VC

QVIC is your organization’s personal hosted audio-video conferencing tool totally at par with foreign apps available. There has been an unprecedented shift to working from home in the pandemic times.

With the growing need for conferencing tools and software, there also was apprehension in using foreign apps. The rising need gave fuel to the technical mind to develop an in-house system for internal meetings that higher officials could freely use. It is the best & safe medium for real-time communication.

Available Across Many Platforms

Significantly, the QVIC hosted audio video conference system is accessible across all key platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS. It can be accessed on a mobile device or a desktop with just a click.

Unlimited users

QVIC does not have any mock limitations on the total number of users and meeting participants. One must have a sound bandwidth and Server power, though, to enjoy the maximum usage.

High-Quality Video Conferencing

Without any fear of third party access, organizations working on the principle of discretion and confidentiality are opting for QVIC hosted audio video conference system. it provides the best experience ever.

Through superior audio and video with the clarity and richness of Opus and VP8, you can create a Video Conference with seconds. It offers rich and high-quality HD video and audio.

Plus, there are several noteworthy features such as noise reduction, no time constraint, unlimited meetings, and sharing of the screen, files, or presentations. Moreover, conferences can be recorded and saved on secure servers as well.

 Web Browser Ready

Quick Video Calling application does not necessitate any kind of downloading. One can join a conversation or conference directly within any internet browser being used. Moreover, it is cross-platform and you can switch your conference from mobile to desktop very quickly.

Added Security

01Synergy has incorporated the highest level of privacy and data security features in QVIC’s development and design. The entire conference is end to end encrypted on one bridge.

QVIC Audio Calling & Chat

Enjoy QVIC hosted a high-quality audio calling facility with end-to-end encryption. One can also send chat messages with your conference member within the app. The app features group calling in a single click. A senior officer can speak or chat with his/her subsidiary officers at the same time.

Trust is strength

At 01Synergy, innovative minds are always working on creating solutions that are the need of the hour, with a top-notch strategic approach.

QVIC is developed on JITSI and our developers have matchless expertise on the JITSI platform. All our endeavors are aimed at adding value and to help organizations to grow.

With a happy client base and over 15000 successful projects, the customer’s satisfaction keeps us going.