Sell on Instagram: Why to Sell on Instagram Using Shoppable Posts

According to research, it was found that more than 72% of internet users search for visual content before making a purchase. The survey also found that 78% of online shoppers said they wanted more pictures on eCommerce sites. Two statistics are evidence of why Instagram has become a leading channel for businesses to promote their products.

But with so many businesses trying to start their own online stores and tap into this consumer behavior, the attention competition has increased manifold. It is not only difficult for businesses to reach more customers, but they are also struggling to cope with the pressure of optimizing their profiles with the right content, information and hashtags promoting their product.

In this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about Instagram marketing to develop your online store.

Sell on Instagram

1. Instagram’s Best Format to Showcase Your Products

Due to its visual nature, Instagram provides a great platform for online brands who want to showcase their products. Be it through regular product photos or videos, from product shoots or even Instagram stories, businesses around the world know the importance of ‘visuals’ to sell their products online.

Despite their industry, they know that offering their products visually has a positive impact as compared to marketing and advertising efforts.

2. Instagram Users Are More Engaged

About 40% of Internet users respond better to visual content. This is why Instagram users have proved to be far more engaged than those on other social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

Despite the increasing competition on the platform, keep in mind the time when your audience is most active and by using the right hashtag you can get more engagement on your posts.

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3. Instagram Users Are More Likely to Shop

According to a recent study, about 72% of Instagram users decide to buy after seeing something on Instagram. The reason for this is that if the product is trending (based on likes and comments on the post), and also because it is user-generated content from others already purchased, they will be able to see it immediately. The most popular categories to see this buying behavior include fashion and apparel, makeup, shoes, jewelry and packaged food.

4. Instagram Equips Your Business with Interactive Tools

Starting as a simple platform to share images as posts, Instagram has today equipped online businesses with many interactive tools. From carousel posts to Instagram stories, video posts, IGTV, and showable Instagram posts, there are many ways for your online store to sell on Instagram.

Simply put, Instagram equips you with visually-powered tools to reach, engage, and convert high-intent buyers into customers.

But like any other channel, for Instagram marketing to work for you, you need to focus on turning your profile into a sales engine. Simply uploading great pictures of your products is not enough!

Article Resource: Shopify