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The Cambridge University Press is a class by itself that required different e-learning English applications with the availability of offline mode. So, 01Synergy developed a total of 6 applications for them that support more advanced and radical features. The apps are all about enabling users to learn English grammar with the ease of practice lessons, Q/A, glossary, and tests from basic to the up-level.  The apps are available in both android and iOS


Cambridge apps are native application compatible app designed for different platforms individually.

The Technology We Used for iOS Platform

The Technology We Used for Android Platform

Objective C Android Studio


At 01SYNERGY, we strive for perfection. Gratifying client’s requirements have always been our first motive, completing the project in agreed timeframe is the second.

  • The Offline Mode: It was the demand of our client to make such apps which are 100% compatible in offline mode so as to assist users with the best ever services. We at 01SYNERGY worked as an in-house team to and made every impossible thing to possible. We managed heavy grammar files to make the offline mode happen.
  • Convert Desktop Application to a Mobile Application: The client wanted us to convert his already built desktop applications into mobile apps on both the operating systems. Handling complex databases was a challenging task.
  • 6 Months’ Time-Period: The client was in a great hurry. He wanted us to deliver his project within 6 months’ time-frame. Our team worked round-the-clock to satisfy him.
  • 6 Applications: The client wanted his apps to be a complete package. Keeping his this demand in mind, we created 6 different apps that are one-step ahead.
  • Applications’ Features Required:
  1. The system shall NOT ask to reboot or restart their devices after installing the application.
  2. The main screen in the iPhone app shall list all the main and additional exercises in a single screen with a scroll bar.
  3. When the user taps on the “Present”, “Past” or “ Future” row, that is there on the main screen of the application, shall take the user to Respective listing screen.
  4. The Help icon present in the tab bar, when tapped, shall redirect to the help screen.
  5. All the sections and the exercises of all types should be well-organized.
  6. Voice recording shall be of duration 5 seconds.
  7. During voice recording in progress, the icon shall be disabled so that the recording in progress is not interrupted.
  8. Once voice recording is done, the user shall be allowed to play back the recorded audio.
  9. Every section of the application should describe the functionalities and screen layout when the user gets to the respective screen and the same should be valid for the exercise screen.



01SYNERGY has always tackled every challenge like a pro. We did whatever the client wanted with full enthusiasm. 01SYNERGY was 100% successful in delivering whatever was asked. Some of the unavoidable challenges were:

  • Complex Database management
  • Heavy grammar files due to offline mode



Nothing big ever came that easy. Right guidelines and right strategies make things to fall at their respective places. That’s what our plan was. And, miraculously we succeeded at every ounce of our plan.

  • Our hard work and dedication throughout the project helped us to achieve our goal.
  • 01Synergy worked out-of-the-box. We were ready to walk an extra mile to come up with this one-of-a-kind app.
  • Programmatically handle all the complexity of the database so as to achieve the target of offline mode.
  • We’ve learnt from our experiences.

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There are no shortcuts to success. Today, Cambridge apps are successfully helping users to learn grammar straight away from their phones.