We have customized the Triumph CRM “Lead” gateway by developing different API’s. This basically included data from three different tools named as AS400 – an IBM platform, CON (Contact Online), and Marketo that was pushed into CRM via different Web APIs. This project was majorly designed to reduce the human effort and to have well-organized data at one single platform. This was used to manage the Leads Management System.


Web APIs
SQL Server
C# .Net


Triumph, a British Motorcycle manufacturer wanted to organize the leads from various platforms and presented at one single destination so that it could be convenient for them to carry out the work. They demanded a customized CRM solution to manage their Leads System.

The project enables the fetching of the data from AS400, Marketo & Experian and pushing into the SalesForce CRM. AS400, an IBM platform includes the data of bikes and customers, that is fetched and is mapped with Marketo, a “Leads” management platform and lastly crossed checked with The Experian, to verify the “Leads” by cross-checking the addresses.

We along with our team present in the United Kingdom managed to fulfill their business requirements.


  • Acquiring data from AS400 and pushing it forward to CRM.
  • 3 Months time duration was a major hardship for us as it was quite difficult to complete them all in such a short period of time.
  • The communication Gap was a challenge.


  • Collectively with our UK team, we designed a function to push data from AS400 to CRM.
  • Continued Hard work.
  • Dedication towards achieving the goals within the time duration.
  • Joint efforts by all the team members of both the teams.
  • Be willing to pitch in and help each other.
  • Be willing to talk openly about any topic or concern.