Useful Odoo Apps for E-Commerce

Odoo, these days is considered to be one of the most popular and well-accepted frameworks to run a website successfully.

It is robust, provides amazing designs and functions without any glitches. It can be easily integrated with other Odoo business apps.

Business owners are always looking for modules that can be easily merged with their customer management systems and ERP apart from the basic functionalities provided by Odoo.

Following are the best Odoo apps that will help your website/store.

Odoo Apps for E-commerce Integration

Shopify Odoo App

Shopify Odoo Connector helps the users to integrate and manage their Shopify stores with Odoo by providing the most useful features of Product and Order Synchronization.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) in Odoo

This helps in managing Return Merchandize Authorization ( RMA ) in Odoo. It allows users to manage order returns, replacement of order, refund status in Odoo.

Coupon Code Odoo App

To empower sales strategies for websites, and to excite customers, merchants can offer Coupons and Promotional offers using Odoo Promotions

Ebay Odoo App

Vital business processes can be automated & need for manual data entry can be eliminated at Odoo by bi-directional data exchange & integration between eBay & Odoo

Amazon Odoo App

Merchants can use this connector to boost their Amazon sales. Amazon Odoo Connector helps the users to integrate & manage their Amazon Seller Account operations from Odoo.

It saves a lot of time, effort and also helps to prevent the chances of any error that can occur due to manual data entry. 

Chewy Odoo App

This Odoo connector is used to sync data between Odoo and Chewy

Odoo Salesforce Connector

The best Odoo apps to help your website and store are when you integrate your Odoo application with Salesforce.

This will give you an overall view of your business data where you can not only sync records but can also generate and convert leads within Salesforce CRM.

Odoo Majento Connector

This connector helps the Magento applications to sync data between Odoo and Magento. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP.

Odoo Prestashop Connector

PrestaShop is a freemium, open-source e-commerce solution and is published under the Open Software License. This Odoo connector enables seamless data transfer between Odoo and Prestashop E-Commerce platforms.


Which Are the Best Odoo Apps for Enhancing Your E-Commerce Store?

1. Attach CSV In Purchase Order Mail

This app enables the default purchase orders to be in pdf format. It allows store admins to generate CSV format of the purchase orders which can be combined with the default pdf version that is generated by Odoo. Customers will receive a CSV file of order details along with the PDF file.

2. Smart Sale Ribbon Filter

For regularly running Promotional offers and discounts, Smart Sale Ribbon Filter is a perfect option for online store owners.

It enables the store manager to set multiple promotional sales ribbons for the Odoo store. It will allow the customers to sort products based on the promotional offers which are included in the ribbons.

3. POS Fixed Amount Discount

This Odoo framework allows for a default discount method based on percentage. This enables the store managers to decide the percentage of discounts they would want to offer to their customers but not in the currency format.

With the help of the POS Fixed Amount Discount feature, one gets the option of offering a fixed amount-based discount along with the percentage.

4. Trending Category Slider Management

The Store owners and managers can display trending products in a slider format on their Odoo store with the help of Trending Category Slider Management.

This helps to boost promotional activities and sales of a bestselling item and also helps in the launch of a new product. The customers will get to view trending products of the store.

5. CSV Products Image Report

CSV Product Images allows the store owners to upload product images for their e-commerce store in CSV format as Odoo enables image uploads only in binary format. These images can be uploaded by the product name or its ID.

6. Odoo Woocommerce Connector

When synced with Odoo, this e-Commerce platform enables the organization of warehouse data, inventory data and all the sales data together in one place.

This connector becomes a robust extension to perform a variety of multitasking operations like:

  • Importing orders
  • Customer data
  • Inventory update
  • Order Status update
  • Importing Exporting products
  • Customer Data
  • Product tags and coupons
  • Web book
  • Auto Job Update
  • Bidirectional Sync

7. Low Stock Alert

Low Stock Alert keeps track of available stock in the e-commerce store. It updates and alerts the store manager with the quantity of all the available products in the e-store.

Based on colours, one can differentiate between in-stock products and out-of-stock products. The in-stock products are highlighted in green colour and out-of-stock products are highlighted in red colour. 

This app helps the store owners from preventing loss of sales and negative marketing.

8. Sales Forecast

To manage the business processes systematically forecasts products’ availability and sales as per the demands and cut down the unnecessary expenditure, Odoo Sales Forecast App can be used.

This enables store owners to create realistic sales forecasts which help them in making smart decisions related to goal setting, hiring, budgeting, prospecting, and other revenue-impacting factors.

9. Advance Mega Menu

This app for Odoo e-Commerce will help the e-Commerce owners to showcase all their product categories in the main menu.

It is a fully customizable mega menu app that can enable the columns, icons, background, font and footer of the mega menu of the e-store to be modified. The mega menu has also got an option of adding the product slider within the menu.

10. Delivery Date Scheduler

The Delivery Date Scheduler is a unique Odoo app that enables store owners to offer their customers the option to select a preferred delivery date and time for their ordered products.

The customers can also post special instructions regarding delivery while ordering the product.

As an admin, the store owners can predefine the delivery window (the available date for customers to choose from) as per their convenience and view data and time selected by their customers along with their comments from the dashboard.

11. SEO Suite

SEO Suite lets its users:

  • Add custom meta tags for all your product and category pages;
  • Add category image and description for all product categories;
  • Add a sitemap to your store.
  • Add category image and category description to product categories;
  • Restrict the maximum number of words for meta tags and category descriptions;

12. Shop By Brand

Shop by Brand is an Odoo app that lets Odoo e-commerce store owners categorize products according to their brand/manufacturer names.

The app allows the administrator to define the brand in the back end and assign a specific product to it. The snippet in the front end will fetch the brands defined by the administrator and showcase them in the slider according to the count entered.

The brand slider can be used any number of times on the website. The admin can create a brand page by entering a logo image, brand name, associated product, brand description and cover image for the brand. Customers in the front end can filter the product based on the brand.

Odoo platform is a robust platform that enables the creation of custom applications as per user’s requirements and can help boost sales in the business.