6 Tips for Leading an All-Remote Team

Run a remote team was very challenging during a pandemic. Many people are finding themselves while working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic not just for the short period but for the long term period.

While some of us improving ourselves on our own individual level. Many teams learn new things and adapt themselves to this era of the world.

This pandemic is genuinely a true tester for the manager who leads their teams face to face.

But due to pandemics, they have to lead their teams through only daily reports, video calls, or group chats which is definitely a very tough task to be performed.

If you are a manager of any software development company and try to handle your team through a new role i.e. Virtual team leader then you have to ensure the few things that your team members should feel motivated, confident about their work done, enthusiast, supported, connected then only your role is genuinely completed.

So, running a remote team may be very challenging for but if you have some actionable tips then things might be very easy for you. 

Here Are Six Tips That Help You Successfully Lead Your Team from Home.

1. Lead with Empathy

2. Connect Face-to-face (through the computer)

3. Don’t hesitate to over-communicate

4. Use the right tool to stay in touch 

5. Encourage Natural breaks throughout the year 

6. Always remember you have socialized virtually

Now, let’s get briefly to these points:

  1. Lead with Empathy: It’s very important to keep this thing in mind that in these uncertain and highly stressful times, there is greater use that the managers and supervisors have to maintain the well-being, health, and safety of their workforce. During covid-19 crises, leaders should be performing their roles in a very supportive manner so that their team members should not take much stress.
  1. Connect Face-to-face (through the computer): Not everyone loves to be on camera but covid-19 taught us a lot. With the help of covid-19 we learn new technologies. As a manager, you can say that it’s OK if people have things going on in the background. Embracing minor distractions is a regular part of office life anyway and ultimately, video enables teams to maintain a sense of normalcy through human connection.
  1. Don’t hesitate to over-communicate: Over-communicate is very important when you are doing work from home because we aren’t able to have quick follow-up conversations at our desks with our employees. Keeping people engaged can be as simple as sending recap emails after one-on-one meetings or sending out specific next steps after conference calls but also helps them to feel comfortable with their work done or assignment.
  1. Use the right tool to stay in touch: First of all, Understanding the various communication tools at your disposal and how to best make use of them is really important if you are working as a virtual team leader. There must be some point in time where you and your team members have to choose the trial and error method. So, don’t be afraid of it. It’s also helpful if you reach out to other managers at your company to compare the notes. You will probably end up helping them each other.
  1. Encourage Natural breaks throughout the year: It isn’t the easiest transaction to make the work from the office to work from home. You have to tell your team that it’s ok to do work from home because some people think that they are only able to do work when they are glued to their desks. You have to encourage your team to step away from your workplace for your designated lunch break or you can also take 30 minutes break for any physical activity. Modelling these healthy activities or being transparent about what you are doing can help to assure can help assure others that it’s ok to do the same. 
  1. Always remember you have socialized virtually: In the covid-19, we are not able to meet with our co-workers or team members but that doesn’t mean team bonding has to take back. Only with the help of team bonding, we can motivate our employees. For example- With your manager and co-worker had their webcams on, grabbed a cold drink, and just hang out, chatted, and laughed with each other, you can also plan to watch movies or games together on the weekdays. So, by this, your team members will defiantly enjoy it.

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The way we think about work has changed significantly in a very short period of time it’s totally an unpredictable thing that happens that no one knows. But you don’t have to rethink your entire approach to being a manager.

I know being a manager during a pandemic very difficult job but making small and thoughtful changes can help your team to stay engaged, feel supported, and be motivated to keep doing great work.