10 Tools and Methods for Better Remote Collaboration

Remote Collaboration

Remote work has many benefits: work productivity and efficiency are up, carbon emissions are down, people save time on commuting, and businesses save money on overhead and infrastructure expenses. One true downside to remote work, however, is that there’s no room for in-person collaboration. Because working together is very important for running a successful business. … Read more

Project Management Cheat Sheet

Project Management

I’ll go over the most crucial abilities that can help you become a better project manager in this article, regardless of the technique, framework, or methodology you use. While it’s fantastic to learn about the best methods for leading a team and read about them, it’s also important to recognize that there is no single … Read more

The Internet of Things For Beginners

internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the use of the Internet to access and control everyday useful equipment and gadgets. Any device with built-in sensors and the ability to collect and send data over a network without operator intervention qualifies as a “Thing” in the Internet of Things. The embedded technology in the object … Read more

Top 5 Object-Oriented Programming Languages

Object-oriented programming language

Object-oriented programming languages are most often using by custom software development companies. Your business depends upon the best quality code you used in the project. Your company’s success is dependent on the best programmers creating the greatest code. The languages they utilize will vary depending on the project. Your developers may choose to employ a … Read more

Secure Your Information: How to Improve Your Software Security

In March of last year, there was a huge information breach through Solarwinds. Hackers gained access to an unprecedented amount of information from Federal Agencies, large corporations such as Microsoft, nuclear programs, as well as the US supply chain. But how and why did it happen? Their in-house software developers allowed a weakness in the … Read more

5 False Hopes of Scrum and How to Fix Them


The majority of people associate Agile with “Scrum.” Scrum is the most popular and, possibly, most misunderstood Agile framework. Scrum is a basic concept but can be challenging to master. The following are five common Scrum blunders and how to avoid them: The dispute over how development teams should structure and self-govern continues, as it … Read more

Use of Ai Chatbots for Mental Health During Covid-19

AI Chatbots

The pandemic of Covid-19 has acquainted the world with another arrangement of difficulties. Consistently there are countless new certain cases across the globe. Chatbots are now more popular after pandemics. While the actual effect of Coronavirus can be evaluated and treated, the psychological effect is frequently disregarded. Countless individuals are encountering passionate breakdowns, feel anxious, … Read more

6 Tips for Leading an All-Remote Team

Remote Team

Run a remote team was very challenging during a pandemic. Many people are finding themselves while working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic not just for the short period but for the long term period. While some of us improving ourselves on our own individual level. Many teams learn new things and adapt themselves … Read more

Project Management Tools Comparison: Jira Vs Trello Vs Ms Project Vs Basecamp Vs Asana Vs Wrike

project management tools

What are the square measure of Project Management Tools? If you are inquisitive, “What square measure project management tools?” you were good to come back to a project management package for answers. Project management tools assist a private or team in organizing and managing their tasks effectively.  Project management tool overview: Project management tools are … Read more

React Native’s New Architecture- Glossary of Terms

React Native

What is New Design? In the new architecture of React Native, there are as yet three threads however planned in a manner to make them as performant and proficient as could be expected. The principal fundamental idea that is utilized is, presently the undertakings are isolated into a state of harmony and async rather than … Read more