10 Tools and Methods for Better Remote Collaboration

Remote Collaboration

Remote work has many benefits: work productivity and efficiency are up, carbon emissions are down, people save time on commuting, and businesses save money on overhead and infrastructure expenses. One true downside to remote work, however, is that there’s no room for in-person collaboration. Because working together is very important for running a successful business. … Read more

Guide to Digital Product Development Remotely

Product development remotely

Bringing together a team of the best developers, testers, designers, and others to develop a product today is neither easy nor inexpensive. That is where remote product development comes into play. It enables you to gather the best talent from around the world, form a team, and develop your product faster, cheaper, and with higher-quality … Read more

Project Management Cheat Sheet

Project Management

I’ll go over the most crucial abilities that can help you become a better project manager in this article, regardless of the technique, framework, or methodology you use. While it’s fantastic to learn about the best methods for leading a team and read about them, it’s also important to recognize that there is no single … Read more

How Machine Learning is Influencing Mobile App Development in 2021

machine learning

The emergence of machine learning technology has made this application’s “wow factor” possible in a major part! Have you ever wondered how Spotify chooses which music to play depending on your preferences, or how fitness and health apps can make workout recommendations that are exactly tuned to your current goals (even if you haven’t expressed … Read more

Ethical Tech Lessons We’ve Learned During the Covid-19 Crisis


The year 2020 was undoubtedly unwonted and life-changing for all of us. Dominated by the global covid-19 pandemic, shut us all in and fundamentally changed our working style.  It was a year of loss and grieving, lightened by brief moments of personal, professional and political reckoning. Finally, it was a year of technology. From remote … Read more

Technologies Poised to Thrive After Covid


The spread of coronavirus has sent shockwaves across the global economy and the world is changing dramatically because of it. From work to learning to our personal lives, no area has remained untouched by the global pandemic. Many of the effects are negative. I mean, how long must we stay away from our friends and … Read more

Choosing the Best Business for IT Products and Services

IT products

The most exciting and fundamental part of starting a business is choosing a great business idea. But thinking up a great idea is just the first step in IT products and services–it’s critical that you take the time to thoroughly examine the idea that’s to become your future livelihood. As most IT business owners eventually … Read more