Secure Your Information: How to Improve Your Software Security

In March of last year, there was a huge information breach through Solarwinds. Hackers gained access to an unprecedented amount of information from Federal Agencies, large corporations such as Microsoft, nuclear programs, as well as the US supply chain. But how and why did it happen?

Their in-house software developers allowed a weakness in the code of their routine software updates.

And when they sent them out, it created a backdoor to customer’s information technology systems, which the hackers then used to install more malware.

It allowed them to spy on companies and organizations, even reportedly, the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security. This is why it is necessary to hire an offshore software development company to improve business security.

Hackers gaining access to a veritable buffet of confidential information is dangerous in the extreme. The Solarwinds breach alone precipitated such huge insecurity that allowed 18,000 of their customers vulnerable to hackers.

And since they have such high-profile clients, which includes several Fortune 500 Companies and agencies in the US Government, it left them wide open. It could be years before they can be secured again.

It was even reported that the breach went on undetected for several months and that some victims may never know if they were hacked or not. 

Hire an Offshore Software Development Company

Aside from high-quality talent and lower rates, offshore software development companies carry out software development services in different countries or regions, usually in areas with low living costs. 

They also offer cloud-based software as service (SaaS) development, web application development, front-end development, back-end development, e-commerce development, enterprise application development, custom application development, mobile app development, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) projects. 

In addition, offshore software development companies specialize in user experience (UI/UX) designing to make apps look more intuitive, offer user-friendly interfaces, and enhance custom software development performance.

In terms of upgrades, they also offer services like data migration, re-platforming, enterprise application integration, and process redefinition. 

Offshore development companies also make it a habit to do rigorous testing before a software release. They also hire quality assurance (QA) engineers and testers to carry out problem checks and create superior products for clients, not to mention their continued support and maintenance based on the clients’ needs. 

The fact that security warnings discourage software downloads does not seem to faze them.

They even have some tactics on how to boost software/application downloads. Some of these include using a proper name and description, digitally signing the software/application using code signing, creating compelling content, strengthening social media presence, etc. 

Some of the key benefits to an offshore software development company are access to top IT talent pools, faster launch times with the lowest risk, and low-cost solutions.

It also gives you time and energy to focus on your core business processes. That said, here are several ways that offshore software development companies do to enhance software security.

They start by hashing the password instead of using encryption, avoiding adding secret backdoors and such in your software, making sure to require user authentication on every page, having a plan for security patching, testing before publishing the software, using a code signing certificate, staying consistent with your coding standard, building and sharing libraries for commonly occurring tasks, adding appropriate security requirements and test cases, understanding the technology used for developing software, ensuring that sensitive information is protected, storing procedures for calling databases, sanitizing inputs, controlling user access, handling errors and exceptions properly, etc. 

They also use a code signing certificate to avoid security warning signs for unsigned software, demonstrate the trustworthiness of the software, prove the integrity of the software, and boost the confidence of your users. 

Another confusion some have is regarding the similarities between code signing and SSL. Even though they are both digital certificates, code signing is different from SSL because they are evaluated differently. They also have different enhanced key usages listed in the certificate. When used interchangeably it will only result in errors. 

With all these in their repertoire, it only follows that they are confident and ready to face real-world cyber challenges. Most offshore software development companies are impenetrable, sturdy, and mature, thus helping you protect, detect, and manage every risk, especially hacking and breach risks. 

Some common software vulnerabilities that they protect against include bugs, exposure of sensitive data, flaws in injection, buffer overflow, security misconfiguration, broken access control, insecure deserialization, and broken or missing authentication.

An awareness of these vulnerabilities will go a long way toward protecting your software and enhancing your security, and offshore software development companies know all about these weaknesses.

This is why it is not only important but also imperative to hire an offshore software development company to prevent disasters such as the Solarwinds breach, as well as to improve security.

You can rest easy with the fact that hackers are never going to be able to get into your pie, as well as be able to completely focus on your business, instead of being constantly concerned about software security or breach.