Project Management Tools Comparison: Jira Vs Trello Vs Ms Project Vs Basecamp Vs Asana Vs Wrike

What are the square measure of Project Management Tools?

If you are inquisitive, “What square measure project management tools?” you were good to come back to a project management package for answers.

Project management tools assist a private or team in organizing and managing their tasks effectively. 

Project management tool overview:

Project management tools are made to order to suit the wants of groups completely different of various sizes and with different goals.

What are the features of square measure of project management tool?

Project management tools will embrace the subsequent features:

• Planning/scheduling

• Collaboration

• Documentation

• Evaluation

These tools square measure explains as follows:

1. Jira Software:

Jira package could be a product of Atlassian, a world public company with headquarters in the state capital. Jira was at first free in 2002 as a pure issue chase package for package developers.

Over the years, it’s been adopted by non-application software developers to chase any kind of issue, task, and alternative work things, changing into a preferred project chase answer.

The execs or benefits of Jira: Jira remains to be a preferred answer with over sixty-five thousand customers worldwide. Here square measures a number of the explanations why:

1.  It supports roadmap necessities.

2.  It’s nice for agile.

3.  It is conjointly offered in integration.

The Cons or Disadvantages of Jira: Here square measure a number of feedback by Jira package users concerning their experience:

1.  Not the most effective mobile app.

2.  Advanced integration and migration from alternative application lifecycle management (ALM) systems.

3.  Reports don’t seem to be reusable.

2. Trello Software:

Trello is a project management package offered as a cloud service. The Trello app is used on ios and automaton devices, and on the online exploitation of any major fashionable browser.

It may also be used integrated inside a Slack shopper. The Trello service was launched in 2011. 

The execs or benefits of Trello: With Trello’s varied uses, we’ve got come back up with the foremost necessary and basic of bushed the list below.

1.  Chase one’s time.

2.  Coming up with a vacation.

3.  Organize daily activities.

The Cons or Disadvantages of Trello:

1.   Trello depends on information.

2.   Trello’s commenting feature wants improvement.

3.   Trello has restricted storage.

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3. MS-Project:

Microsoft is one of the foremost recognized names within the school trade. It’s become a home name for several individuals. MS Project has 20+ million users.

That’s over the other portfolio management software package within the world. Over 10,000 totally different organizations use them, as well as huge names like Coca-Cola.

It’s been calculable that between 60-70% of corporations have used MS Project for some purpose. It is majorly used by custom software development companies.

The execs or benefits of MS-Project:

  1. Its flexible
  2. You can integrate other Microsoft tools
  3. Offers many channels for communication

The Cons or Disadvantages of MS-Project:

  1. Too advanced for beginners
  2. Not great for collaboration and data sharing
  3. Expensive

4. Basecamp: 

Basecamp may be a widespread web-based tool designed for team collaboration. It permits people, little groups, and teams to figure along on comes, events, or alternative assignments.

Basecamp is presently in its third version and perpetually undergoing tweaks and enhancements. It permits users to make comes, delegate tasks, begin chats, add file attachments, monitor progress, check deadlines, and mechanically update team members of the to-dos’ standing.

The execs or benefits of Basecamp:

  1. Easy to Learn and Use
  2. Ability to Create Client-Specific Projects
  3. Built-in Communication Features

The Cons or Disadvantages of Basecamp:

  1. It Has no Tags or Labels
  2. No Time Tracking
  3. Limited Chat Management

5. Asana: 

Asana is a top-rated web-based tool that has powerful options, nevertheless straightforward to use. It helps groups organize everything from long-run goals to everyday tasks in one central place thus team members will grasp their duties, priorities, and progress.

As an example, you’ll split a project into sections. Among each section, you’ll produce an inventory of tasks associated with that project section.

The execs or benefits of Asana:

  1. Great User Experience
  2. Improved Work Efficiency
  3. Enhanced Security

The Cons or Disadvantages of Asana:

  1. Not Very Friendly to New Users
  2. No Time Tracking Feature
  3. Limited Exporting and Importing Functionality

6. Wrike:

Wrike is your singular, centralized hub for all of your project management activities. It ensures you have got one responsive and powerful platform to stay everything organized, simplified and automatic thus on increase potency and productivity, and keep deliverables on schedule and inside budget.

The execs or benefits of Wrike:

  1. Easy-to-use task management. 
  2. Powerful proofing tool. 
  3. Flexible project templates.  

The Cons or Disadvantages of Wrike:

  1. It’s expensive for solo users or small teams.
  2. Missing chat option.
  3. Missing note-taking tool.  


Sometimes, as a project manager, you may be ready to opt for the tool you wish to use. In those cases, it’s vital to see the complexes of the project and opt for a tool that will match the necessities of the project. 

For instance, you would possibly be terrible won’t to Jira, except for short and easy comes Trello can be an improved match.

Basecamp may not be an honest fit associate degree agile development team, however, it’d be an excellent tool for a promoting team wanting to bring some structure into their daily routines.

In different cases, you would possibly get a team that’s already employing an explicit tool. On the one hand, you’ve got to be conscious of the long-standing traditions and habits inside the team.

At an equivalent time, a project manager ought to take a tough investigation of this project management code being employed, determine flaws inside the method, and articulate thought on a way to improve them.

There is no solution resolution once it involves selecting the simplest project management tool, and each tool has its own set of benefits especially things. 

Opt for a tool that works best for you however remember what different choices square measure obtainable within the market.