Mobile Applications: Facts You Should Know About

Some facts about mobile applications are that a humungous number of mobile apps have made a home in our phones and taken over many areas of our lives.

We are using them for all & everything. Social interaction, entertainment, business, shopping, bookings, and many more activities are executed via apps.

From a commercial point of view, mobile apps have brought a transformational approach to business. They are extremely useful in expanding the client base and multiplying the revenues.

What is a Mobile App? 

A mobile app (short for application) is in fact, a computer program or software designed to run on a mobile device.

It is a specific program of the type that is used on smartphones like android, iPhone, or tablets.

On the other hand, a web application is software that you access when you are connected to the internet, not necessarily on a phone or tablet. You have various apps on your phones such as Docs, Calendar, Notes, or Messenger.

As a business person, you can provide your customers with an app for convenience.  For example, ordering a cake, managing your staff, consulting a doctor/dietician, or selling groceries.

Here Are Certain Intriguing Facts About Mobile Apps:

  1. People use mobile apps more than websites. It is a myth that websites are used more in comparison. On the other hand, people spend 87% of their online time on one of the apps on their smartphones. No wonder marketers find app development a profitable option for businesses.
  2. Mobile apps are the best way to earn digital ads revenue. Advertising is the most popular source of revenue for them. According to a report, at least 3/4th of digital advertising expenditure pertains to apps. Besides, a lot of revenue is generated by in-app purchases.
  3. Two out of 3 people prefer to shop on mobile apps. This is trending consumer behavior. The millennial as well as 50 above age groups love shopping on these versions on their phone. However, a poor experience on the app may put them off too. This is precisely why good design and functionality are important in creating brand value. The world’s eyes are on Indian App development. India has emerged as a country with immense talent in Information Technology. Moreover, entrepreneurs prefer to outsource development to the best talent in the industry.
  4. Mobile Apps are the best tools for content marketing. A new group of smartphone applications has emerged that allows you to create and manage digital content on the web. These content creation applications fall in the productivity category. With the help of tools contained in them, one can make notes, manage documents, create graphics or videos and post them on social media directly after adding beautiful effects and filters!

Can Mobile Applications Help You Grow Your Business?

Definitely yes!

Adds Brand Value

According to a survey, 75% of people spend their time on smartphones and especially on mobile apps. We all utilize our phones for every task and have installed various apps to do the same. In the high-tech age, all are trying to build a brand in a market.

01Synergy has helped many of its clients promote its brand and make its services more accessible to customers. Do you want to lag in this epoch of smartphones and smart networks? This is the time to build your own smart app.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction & Retention

A mobile app can considerably increase customer loyalty. In this competitive world, we know how difficult it is to build a reputation and convince a customer to buy.

That is why holding on to your customers is vital. Your smartphone app provides the key to customer retention. Also, it boosts shopping frequency, where he comes back repeatedly for a purchase.

You can add features like in-app purchases, reminders, and promotional offers on new launches.

Apps Boost Profits

With the increase in customer satisfaction and brand value, sales follow. The enhanced purchase experience makes users feel important in their treatment by the brand.

With this kind of customer reach, a good product can go places. Indeed a simple and effective tool to boost sales and profits. Carefully plan your mobile venture.

A Mobile App development company like 01Synergy provide a four-fold advantage:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Designing
  3. Testing
  4. Launching
  5. Affordability


Smartphones and apps have made their way into everybody’s lives. Nobody can remain tied to a desktop.

As a business, you must make your mobile debut and register a presence in everyone’s pocket. Literally, via their phone! Whether you are a service provider, an eCommerce store, a hospital, or a small bakery business, an app development company such as 01Synergy can make the difference with an App launch.