Cake Ordering App for Home Bakers & Cake Shops in Toronto

Are you a home baker or cake shop owner in Toronto who wants to grow the business in the simplest way?

Well, this article is for you.

Own your specific Cake ordering App and grow your business with a very small investment.

There is huge market potential in selling cakes and other sweet goodies online on your own mobile app.  The hip bakers whether working from home or owning an outlet, are going online and seizing the immense opportunities of the present digital era. In this scenario, one can go a step further and launch a mobile app to capture the market trend and capital.

Launching your own Cake Ordering App-how to go about it?

You don’t want to go wrong anywhere, so take professional help from Software companies who have experience in the field. An IT outsourcing company such as 01Synergy possesses mobile and desktop application development expertise in Consumer Products and bakery shop apps. They can help you with the development and launch in a skillful, affordable, and foolproof way.

What does the app offer the customer?

Cake ordering apps help people order customized cakes with a surety of service. One can pick up the order or ask for delivery-all on the phone!

  • Easy Customization with clear visibility
  • Delivery/pick up options
  • Favorites & history view
  • Scheduling the orders
  • Notification and reminders
  • Secure Payment options

What are the features of the cake app for the bakery owner?

As a baker, you can serve your customers in a hassle-free way and remain connected to the mobile app. Your staff at the counter, kitchen, and field remains connected and updated at all times. It allows you and your employees to register the customer’s orders on a mobile device- phone or tablet. The app aids the business owner to:

  • Get alerts for orders
  • Track and manage orders
  • Quick View Dashboard
  • Monitor the ratings and reviews
  • Control User wise access
  • Send a message to the customer
  • Category & content management

…and much more.

How does the cake ordering app grow your business?

Cake Order Mobile Apps allows your bakery, counter, or sales staff to register the customer’s orders on a mobile device- phone or tablet. Having your own business app helps in a lot of ways

Most people prefer online purchase via apps

Statistics show that more than half the people prefer to make a purchase from a mobile app. This includes the young and the old! Nowadays, the preparation of all celebrations begins by ordering a cake! Blowing away the candles on the icing has become a fashion for innumerable events. It may be a corporate occasion, dogmatic, or wedding function, usually handled by managers who prefer a neutral platform.

Cake customization is easier on App

A mobile app for ordering a customized cake presents an enhanced visual experience to the customer. People find it much easier to select from a variety on a concise digital platform like a mobile app. They can see the designs and pricing along with it, which, otherwise they may not be aware of.

A mobile app creates and enhances brand value

Having your own cake app on the Play store builds the brand like nothing else. It creates trust. It creates a brand. It attaches much weight to the product and the service.

You get a customer database

Whenever someone downloads your bakery app, you get a registered customer. This database is priceless! With new launches, patterns, season specials, and themes, etc., one can remain in touch with the prospective customer, right in his pocket! You can lure him to buy all the time. Even if they don’t buy the first time, you can surely keep a handy option open to him at all times. The app keeps sending promotions and offers.

It ensures customer retention

Once a customer, always a customer. Where else will your client find the ease of ordering a cake of his choice within a few seconds! Unless you provide really poor service, you are a winner. Your cake ordering app is your super salesman. With visual treats, and best offers or packages, you can sell all ingredients of a sweet and savory snacks party.