The Ultimate Guide to Hire iOS Developers in 2019

iOS and Android are the two key platforms that are used to build any application. The android alone holds over 86% of the market share however, the premium appeal of iOS cannot be defeated. The fans of iOS systems understand how it differs from other platforms and thus there is always a need to hire an iOS programmer and get great apps developed. The platform might have a small market share but the profits are great compared to its counterparts. 

There are over 2.2 billion apps listed in Apple’s App Store. The spending on iPhone apps is over 80% more than the amount spent on an android app. The revenue recorded in the year 2017 by the iOS industry was around $38.5 billion and a handsome amount of $26.5 billion was the amount paid off to the developers for developing outstanding apps.

Besides great finances, there are many other reasons that developers love to work on iOS platform. This includes the simplicity of development and the minimalistic approach of the platform. The fragmentation is no or little as there are limited Apple devices and there is a unified UI.

What are the key roles and responsibilities of an iOS developer?

 While considered easy, the role of an iOS developer is actually holding a lot of responsibilities. In most of the cases, it is way beyond writing simple codes. An iOS developer is a key part of the entire app development process including planning and designing to testing and finally publishing the app. This implies that the iOS developer is the one responsible for creating a user-friendly product that suits the specification of your mobile.

One of the key attributes that you must focus on while choosing an iOS developer includes design awareness. It is also the responsibility and concern of a developer to pay attention to design development. It is only when the designer and the developer work together that great designs are created. 

Types & categories of iOS Developers and their roles and responsibilities: Based on their working experience an iOS Developer becomes versatile. The more number of projects a developer handles, the more skills he acquires and the rich is his experience. There are three different levels of developers and the skills required for each level:

Junior iOS developer:

The basic level or entry-level category, the junior iOS developer usually assists the more experienced ones. There focus is on gaining more knowledge and enriching their experience of working with iOS development. 

Middle iOS developer:

Once a junior iOS developer has worked on a range of simple tocomplex projects with its senior associates, he is promoted to the middle level. Mid-level involves the development of more complex applications with more independence. 

Senior iOS developer: 

Finally, as the developer works on more and more projects, he acquires skills and expertise in working independently on projects. The experience is rich in this level and so is the confidence. These developers also get involved with testing, integration of APIs, security matters and more.

Skill set required for an iOS developer:

The general skills required to become becoming an iOS developer include:

  • Proficiency in Swift or Objective-C programming language
  • Hands on knowledge of Xcode IDE
  • Knowledge of APIs like Cocoa Touch and UIKit
  • RESTful APIs knowledge and information
  • Key understanding of UI and UX design standards
  • Metal or OpenGL as well as Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools like Git and Core Data framework.

What are the salary rates for iOS developers?

Usually, an hourly rate is used for paying the iOS developers. However, this is the method used for paying freelancers primarily and may vary from one region to another. If you are hiring a developer for your in-house team may differ. The various salary rates are as follows:

Average salary for an iOS developer:

If you are looking forward to hire a talented iOS developer to be a part of your team, you must pay them a respectable salary. In the U.S the average salary of an iOS developer is around $108K.

Salary for freelance iOS developer:

The average hourly rate for an iOS developer freelance ranges between $80 and $100. An eight hour work cycle of a freelancer may cost you around $640, on an average. 

Cost of hiring an outsourced iOS developer:

The cost of outsourcing an iOS developer is diverse and depends upon the region and country you are hiring in. the salary is higher in North America, Australia and Western Europe than the rest of the world. You can easily find a lot of cheap options in Asia without compromising the talent and skill set. 

Key considerations to keep in mind while hiring an iOS developer:

It is important that you hire the best talent for your organization. For this, you must have a few things in your mind including:

  • Experience:

You must pay attention to the experience of an iOS developer as the more experienced a developer be the better would be the results and apps developed by him. There are different experience criteria for different iOS levels, such as:

  1. Junior — up to 2 years;
  2. Middle — from 2 to 5 years;
  3. Senior — over 5 years.  
  • Expertise:

Expertise defined the ability of the developer to deal with certain types of specificities. It differs from experience as it is focused on a niche. You must ensure that the iOS developer you are hiring holds expertise in the respective area you intend to work on.


While expertise is good, you may not have to work on a single type of project always. So, the iOS developer you hire must have a portfolio to showcase. 


Communication skills are important in iOS development as you will have to keep a tab of every phase of the development process.

This is the best guide you will ever have for hiring the best talent for your iOS development project. Hire the best talent and ensure you deliver the best results to your customers and welcome them back over and over again.