A Complete Guide to Hire Angular Developers in 2019

A critical aspect of the web development process is front-end development. The development at the front end also ensures that more users are attracted towards the website by providing an engaging call to action and encouraging them to indulge with the website to seek their respective purpose. However, the efficacy of the front end development process depends upon the proficiency of the developers. The Angular Developers are skilled and experienced in creating the best front-end experience, however, to hire the best talent, it is crucial that you understand the developer’s skills, roles and responsibilities. When due attention is paid to the hiring process, a company can secure the best angular developers at its service. In this guide, we will discuss all the important aspect of Angular Developer hiring process in detail.

Roles and responsibilities of Angular JS Developers:

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of an Angular JS Developer is the key to hire the best talent. Here are the roles and responsibilities of an Angular JS Developers:

Role of Angular JS Developer:

The Angular developer primarily works on the client side of the software. They develop complete UI service for various web apps and websites. To create various modules, components and then develop a framework by interconnecting these modules and components to build a functional software. A developer that you hire must have hands-on knowledge of JS frameworks and Angular. 

Responsibilities of Angular JS Developer:

The key responsibilities of an Angular JS Developer include:

  • Front-end building

Creating front-end part of web apps and mobile applications to offer great user-experience. Focus on interactive front-end experience is key.

  • RESTful APIs building

As most of the Angular JS development is related to one-page applications,it is important for the front-end and the back-end developers to have coordination. It is also important that the terms of specification and the technical requirements are met with perfection. 

  • Creation with JavaScript,HTML,CSS

JavaScript language, HTML & CSS languages are a must have knowledge for an Angular JS developer.Any development should be well-documented, correctly coded and tested for performance.

  • Functioning with external data sources and APIs

Accessing external data sources and APIs is critical and a developer must have skills to handle it. The best Angular JS Developer must be able to access third-party services without hassle.

  • Bug Fixing

A range of testing is performed by the QA Engineers to identify any bugs in the application. Any bugs identified must be fixed as soon as possible. Moreover, an Angular JS Developer must also be able to work with the code written by other developers and identify the bugs in them as well.

  • Unit Testing

Unit testing is a key part of the development phase. Hence, it is a critical skill that an Angular Developer must possess. The Developer must know the essentials of Testing of components, services, complex testing, testing of code units, and more.

Key skills that an Angular JS Developer must possess:

There are three primary positions when it comes to Angular JS Developer hierarchy level- Junior Developer, Middle Developer, & Senior Developer. The different level requires unique skills however basics skills of an Angular JS Developer include:

  • HTML5 & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Knowledge and Angular practices
  • Modules and components
  • SPA Building
  • Understanding of commonly used web services 
  • Skills to provide SEO solutions
  • Abilities to handle understand the responsibilities of the platform, database, API, caching layer, proxies, and other web services.

These are the basic skills, however, when you are involved in complex software you need advanced skills including:

  • Expert knowledge of CSS and JS methods
  • Client-side user action validation and responsive feedback
  • Writing non-blocking code
  • Restoration to advanced techniques such as RxJs Observables
  • Code documentation
  • Creation of end-to-end test suites 

Common platforms to hire the best Angular JS Developers:

Some of the best Angular JS Developers hiring platforms include:


If you have a big project in hand, Clutch is the place to hire the best Angular JS Developers. Clutch has offered reliable support to more than 7,000+ agencies with rightful resources. The platform has various companies listed to offer reliable Angular JS Development services to other businesses.


If you are looking forward to hire a reputed IT Company you must ensure that you rest your trust in the best company. GoodFirms is a review and rating company that has helped over 102,925 businesses. The reviews and ratings on the website are unbiased and help users make an informed decision.


Yelp is another business rating platform where one can find the ratings and reviews of the users of a particular company. There are various reputed IT companies listed on the platform and thousands of users have provided their valuable ratings and feedback on their customer experience.

This is an ultimate guide to hire Angular JS Developers for your next big project.