Python or Java: Which Should You Learn ?

Introduction As a novice, deciding which programming language to learn – Python or Java, can be tough. It’s important to choose the one that you have an aptitude for and can pick up fast.  An important criteria is also that it should have long-term prospects. Both languages are very popular. And both are general-purpose languages … Read more

Is Python best for Web Development?


Python is the third most popular programming language, after TypeScript and Rust, according to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey of over 65,000 engineers. You might be wondering what makes Python such a popular programming language. Is it still worthwhile to invest in Python development in light of the emergence of other languages and frameworks? How Does … Read more

A Complete Guide to Hire Angular Developers in 2019

Guide to hire angular developer

If you are looking to hire an angular developer, then first you should know about the hiring process. It includes many aspects like roles &