Is Python best for Web Development?

Python is the third most popular programming language, after TypeScript and Rust, according to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey of over 65,000 engineers.

You might be wondering what makes Python such a popular programming language.

Is it still worthwhile to invest in Python development in light of the emergence of other languages and frameworks?

How Does Python Fit into Web Development?

Python is a programming language that may be used to create server-side web applications.

While a web framework isn’t essential to create web apps, it’s uncommon for developers to not use existing open-source libraries to speed up the development process.

Python isn’t supported by any web browser. JavaScript is the programming language used by browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Python to JavaScript compilers, such as pyjs, are available. Most Python web developers, on the other hand, use a combination of Python and JavaScript to create their apps.

Python is run on the server, whereas JavaScript is downloaded and run by the web browser on the client.

What Makes Python So Popular in the Software Development World?

Here are some of the reasons why the language is at the top of the technological popularity charts: 

  • It’s widely used by software developers all over the world.
  • Machine Learning/AI teams make extensive use of it.
  • It is widely used in business and is frequently used in enterprise software development.
  • It can be used to power web apps such as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) (for example, with Django).

Benefits of Using Python for Application Development in the Workplace

The following are the most important advantages of Python app development.

1. Convenience of Usage

Python has a low entrance barrier since it mimics English to a large extent, making it relatively simple to learn. Even less experienced software developers can rapidly pick it up. 

Good data visualisation — programmers can use a variety of plots and charts to display data in an easy-to-understand style. Python software development companies have access to a variety of Python tools, such as Matplotlib, that help them visualise data and create concise reports.

2. Scalability

Another advantage of Python web app development is its scalability. It’s difficult to say when your user base will start to grow considerably.

You must, however, be prepared for a spike. Python-based applications are very scalable.

It’s no surprise that companies like YouTube, Reddit, and EVE Online picked this language to develop their products.

3. Accelerates the Return on Investment

Python is a simple language to learn and use, which reduces the likelihood of defects. This translates to a speedier web app development process. As a result, the return on investment is accelerated.

4. Access to a Huge Framework Library

Django, Pyramid, Flask, Turbo Gears, and more Python libraries come pre-installed. There is a library for everything from scientific computing to data processing to machine and deep learning, making web app creation substantially easier.

5. Iterative Prototyping

One of the key advantages of python application development is the ability to prototype quickly.

You can accomplish more with less coding, which means you can create prototypes and test your ideas more quickly than if you used another language.

6. Python Is an Open-Source Programming Language with a Wide User Base

Python is an open-source technology with a number of benefits. To begin with, it means that users can freely customize it to match their own demands and project requirements.

Second, the Python community as a whole is responsible for the language’s future. Developers from all over the world contribute to the language in order to keep it current and ensure that it covers a wide range of use cases.

Industries Which Prefer Using Python Extensively:

1. Web Application Development

Web application development is one of the industries and fields where Python is quite useful. Because of its security, ease of use, and scalability, web app development is one of Python’s most popular use cases.

It includes a number of frameworks, such as Django and Flask, that help developers build apps quickly.

Python is ideal for developing web apps because of Django’s dynamic development features. What do you mean by that?

It comes with a number of standard libraries that can help you drastically reduce the time it takes to build products. As a result, time-to-market is reduced.

2. Computer-Assisted Learning (ML)

Python has evolved into a powerful AI and Machine Learning tool throughout time.

It is used for activities such as image recognition, data processing, and advanced computing and allows developers to conduct sophisticated tasks required for AI and ML modeling.

Python is expected to be the preferred technology in the Machine Learning field for many years to come. It includes TensorFlow, SciPy, and Pandas, among other essential libraries.

Python has also been the language of choice for scientific, machine learning, and AI developers over the years. These and other benefits of Python speak strongly in its favor if you’re considering it for your web app development option.

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