Trends in IoT – Internet of Things

Introduction In a world dominated by artificial intelligence, data, and ever-advancing connectivity, it is hard to ignore the ‘Internet of Things’ from the list of exciting and game changing technologies. IoT has experienced incredible growth, thanks to technological advancements and the upsurge in demand for deep insights into digital transformation solutions and activities. The Internet … Read more

Top Open Source AI Projects to Contribute to

Introduction AI is rapidly becoming a force to reckon with in the modern world. Undoubtedly AI is touted to be instrumental in enabling Industry 4.0 for organizations of all shapes and sizes across all verticals.  Part of the reason behind this is the existence and availability of great open-source projects related to it. Open source … Read more

Trends in Front-end Development

Introduction Front-end development is the fabrication of an interface with which the user engages to interact with the meat of the application. Technically known as client-side development, it is in a sense the cosmetic visage that the user sees and covers the nitty-gritties of the web-service. Undoubtedly, it is the primary influence on the user’s … Read more

Current and Future Trends in AI

Introduction The launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, marked a turning point for artificial intelligence in the public consciousness. In 2023 it grew and plunged its roots further into the business world.  One of the first applications of AI was handwriting recognition – it was used by Postal Services to read addresses on envelopes. We’ve … Read more

Benefits of Learning Python

Introduction Python is an in-demand and easily accessible programming language with an active, ever-growing community of users. It is widely used in various business sectors, such as programming, web development, machine learning, and data science. It is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. The language is code for a variety of popular systems and software, … Read more

Android Vs iOS Development

Introduction Both Android and iOS are very popular in mobile app development. In 2022, the mobile app development market scaled new heights. By the third quarter the number of available Android Apps rose to 3.55 million, while the number of iOS Apps reached 1.64 million. However when choosing between Android or iOS development, software developers … Read more

Guide to Developing Android Apps

Introduction Android app development is booming, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With a user base exceeding three billion, it offers a diverse selection of productivity, communication, gaming, and entertainment.  Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies. It is a Linux-based operating system for … Read more

Features and Benefits of Using Flutter

Introduction  Earlier, when a developer used to develop an application for iOS and Android, he or she had to write two separate codes. It was a costly and time-consuming affair for both the developer and the business owner. Today when it comes to cross-platform app development, Flutter is the exciting talk of the town. It … Read more

Introduction to iOS App Development

Introduction iOS application development germinated way back in 2007 when the first-generation iPhone was launched. Mobile Phones were instantly transformed into pocket-sized entertainment, business, and lifestyle centers, where consumers would soon spend way more of their time than they could ever imagine. When we refer to iOS application development today, it means making applications for … Read more

Components of Microsoft’s .NET Development Platform

Introduction Microsoft’s .NET is an open-source platform for building desktop, web, and mobile applications that can run natively on any operating system. This holistic framework provides developers with a variety of useful programming languages, editors, and libraries for implementation. It is a popular and free platform and has been designed to deliver productivity, performance, security, … Read more