Watch out for these top 15 Android App Development Trends in 2021

Smartphones are becoming smarter and android app development is emerging with more advancement each day. Apps have made a home in our mobile devices and into our lives.

Fresh and imaginative applications make life easier for the people, making them jump the wagon. From a business point of view, innovative creation presents a high revenue growth opportunity like never before.

For App developers, it means advanced tools, technology, and platforms.

Let’s see what 2021 has to offer in the future of Android Application development.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

internet of thingsIoT is the foundation of building a smart home, workplace, or city. From manufacturing and automation, now IoT has entered users’ personal space. You can remotely lock or unlock your house, control the lighting or gadgets.

Apart from your office and home, there are many tasks you can accomplish via Android apps powered by the Internet of Things. IoT app development at 01Synergy is all geared up for leading enterprises.

2. Foldable Apps    foldable apps

Very soon into the future, foldable smartphones are going to flood the market. They are trendy, innovative, and already gaining ground with users.

People are loving the folding mobile devices which have a large screen that can be folded into a pocket friendly size.

Android apps adaptable to these models is the trend to watch in 2021.

3. Wearable Applications

wearable applications

No need to carry your devices, the wearables are here. The wearable Android apps have been trending for a while and will continue to do so.

With specific gadgets, they are worn on the body in the form of a watch and can track variables such as body temperature, blood sugar, anxiety levels, and steps, etc.

Health care, wellness, and sports are the target industries  for this type. More and more wearables would be flooding the market.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)accelerate mobile pages

With maximum browsing being done mobiles, user-friendly and fast Android apps are becoming popular with clients. AMP brings down loading time and increases engagement with a responsive design.

Hence the trend of utilizing accelerated mobile pages is catching on. These apps also are favorable to Google search engines, improve SEO, and increase traffic.

Smart developers are incorporating AMP for a business growth, making it the impending trend in 2021.

5. Machine Learning will make AI smarter



The enormous benefits of implementing AI in Android app development has brought about a three fold jump in last year alone.

Big players like Facebook, Google and Microsoft have also begun to capitalize on this trend.

Artificial Intelligence on smartphones is no more restricted to virtual assistants or chatbots. Combined with machine learning (ML), it is diversifying to cameras, face recognition, voice translations, behavioral predictions, adaptive battery and authentication for cybersecurity.

ML will collect data about the user’s needs, even book appointments and mark the calendar.

6. Chatbotschatbots

The usual way of interacting with customers via phone calls would soon be a thing of the past.

It is time consuming and costly. It is the age of chatbots in Android apps that communicate with the clients, answers queries and even procure orders.

For example, a chatbot for a food delivery online service replies to quick questions and procures add-ons on a particular menu order. Same is true for online shopping or transportation.


7. More Powerful 5g Apps

5g apps

The most exciting trend to look out for is the 5G android apps in 2021. The superfast network has already reached the market and discerning a boom.

New phone models are being developed for 5G functionality to handle speeds as high as 1 GB per second.

Future Applications of 5G include hands free driving, cloud computing and wireless healthcare services.

8. Beacon Technology

beacon phoneThis technology enhances location based searching through Bluetooth signals to various devices via app development.

In 2020, numerous android applications were created that used beacon to track the corona virus in the crowds(such as Cova).

Beacon technology decreases the gap between the users and the companies. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy signals that allow the app to provide information and create notifications when it enters the beacon zone.

In 2021, more and more industries in tourism, healthcare and gaming would implement beacon in their services.

9. Cloud-Integrated Apps

cloud integrated apps

In 2021, more android apps would be developed and run directly on cloud. Till now, cloud technology has been more about hosting rather than mobile applications.

Now, it is entering the App arena. The cloud integrated ones are faster and do not occupy the device memory.

The popular Google Drive and Slack are already using this tech. It is beneficial for the developers too, saving costs, time and effort.

10. More Impressive AR and VR

Augmented & Virtual reality are going to be more advanced & amazing in apps. In 2021 you can see a surge in AR-based android apps.

Due to upgrade in AR Core for Android, one can place virtual objects behind and in front of real objects to create augmented reality.

It will be used for not just gaming but to enhance social media experience, for interior design, to swim virtually in sea beds or even perform live surgery.

11. Development for Multiple Platforms

There is a trending shift happening in mobile app development towards cross-platform technology.

Apps are being created that work on multiple devices including desktop.

Due to it’s various benefits such as cost effectiveness, faster development and better marketability, big companies are utilizing cross platforms. It is bringing a revolution of sorts.

Solutions like Flutter are an ideal technology that allows developers to write the coding in a single language for desktop, tablets, android and IOS.

More of such technology will be seen in 2021 and years to come.

12. The Rise of Mobile Wallet

In 2021, more accurate and secure android wallet apps will trend. Last year saw a huge upsurge in mobile wallet usage. It saves users time and effort.

Online shopping and money transfer is being used by people in all age groups, presenting a wider market.

Google Pay, Paytm are already being widely used. Easy to use and secure wallets, developed for the masses will find a good demand.

13. Instant Apps

In Instant android mobile apps, we see a top trend in 2021 as developers get more conversion with them.

These are smaller, native software programs that are convenient to use as they do not require downloading.

Instant versions do not occupy space in the device. They can be offered to the user as a demo product, convincing them to buy the full edition.

14. M-Commercem commerce

The pandemic situation in the last year saw the severely hit retail sector embracing Ecom & M-commerce solutions exponentially.

The trend will continue in 2021, filling the need for small businesses to stay on top.

Android app development for M-commerce is on the rise, including future trends such as One click ordering, Omni channel and voice online shopping.

15. Events Streaming

The Virtual Events Streaming App development trend also perhaps took birth in the Covid times.

Social distancing created the need for online events hosting but their immense popularity will extend this trend to 2011 too.

Imagine going to a virtual fair, visiting various booths and watching performances in separate rooms. For event managers, it means a wider user reach globally.

Riding the wave of future Android App Development Trends

Apps will continue to evolve in the future. To ride on the trend, developers need to enhance mobile applications with greater sophistication and user experience. There are numerous opportunities out there in the present era of digital transformation. Choose wisely. Develop and leverage new technologies according to your bandwidth,, storage capacity and computing capacity.