01synergy Joins Digital Main Street to Put Ontario Businesses Online

Main streets are a central part of existence in any neighborhood. It is a place to get together, shop, get things done, work, or celebrate. Due to the corona pandemic lockdowns, enterprises and retailers have had to struggle to continue operations and keep the streets alive for the community.

The government is expending resources to help the business fraternity in Ontario in rethinking & exploring innovative ways to serve customers.

Main Street is going digital. Businesses that already exist online possess an edge over the offline ones. Online marketing provides extensive exposure and room for global growth.

What is Digital Main Street Transformation Grant Program?

This is a program instigated by way of a partnership between the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario.

It gives guidance, training, and a chance for small enterprises to apply for a grant of up to $2500. The program is funded by FedDev Ontario.

01Synergy is proud to have joined this platform as a vendor to assist the Ontario business owners to go digital. We help them to adopt new tools and skills based on their unique needs.

All types of micro or small businesses can benefit from this. No matter what service or product you offer; be it retail, services, consultation, project management, healthcare, or repair, 01Synergy can help you create a presence online and reach the maximum number of customers.

With the backing of FedDev Ontario and Digital Main Street, 01Synergy promises to work hard for Ontario businesspersons in the implementation of technology and skills to survive and thrive in this challenging scenario.

Helping local businesses forge ahead via Digital Main Street

01Synergy joins Digital Main Street to put Ontario businesses online. We provide training as well as the required tools for putting your business on the map.

We have a team of highly skilled developers and marketers who aid main street businesses in expanding, enhancing, and managing their enterprise on the web. We deliver the following technical trappings and services:

1. Launching/Enhancing a Website

01Synergy is a top-class Toronto based web development company providing high-quality web application and development solutions.

It has helped bring success to numerous businesses in Ontario to go digital via stunning and multi-functional websites.

Under the Digital transformation, grant program, one can utilize the funds to enhance an existing or new website to get a high ranking in Google search and add value to the product, brand, or service.

2. Making Customized Apps

making customised appsAnother spectacular way of taking and growing your Ontario business online under the DMS program is via mobile apps.

As a vendor on Digital Main Street works on tremendous ideas to make your business stand out by attaching awesomely designed mobile apps on all platforms.

3. Digitizing POS, Payments, and Integrations

digitzing posAugment your main street digital business via integrated inventory, payments, and point-of-sale.

It automates various processes, gives reminders and alerts at crucial levels as well as real-time reports on general statistics.

01Synergy also provides mail chimp and SDK integrations as add-ons. It blueprints your online store into a modern and advanced space.

4. Reaching Buyers Online

reaching buyers onlineThere is an incessant need for small businesses in Ontario to digitally transform their processes to reach customers.

The online transformation also includes a marketing strategy to create better customer reach and engagement for your business.

As a vendor on Digital Main Street, 01Synergy helps you promote your product/services by creating brand awareness SEO, email marketing, and online reputation management among much more.

Be ready to reach the pinnacle of success with greater exposure.

5. Making an eCommerce Store

making an ecommerce storeAn online store is a wonderful feature to add to your Ontario business for selling your products digitally.

It immediately puts your goods in the digital market place. 01Synergy builds customized solutions for E-Commerce business development on Shopify and other platforms.

We also integrate other applications that you wanna use with your store for hassle-free management.

Also, it makes your business potentially viable to face any kind of challenge in the future. Make your business profitable and take it to a new level with the online presence of your product.

6. Stay Connected on Social Media

stay connected on social mediaOne can also set up a digital presence or enhance the one that already exists- through social media. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram but depending on your product and service, we envision campaigns on many spaces concurrently or sometimes singularly.

We make social media power to lend an impressive impact on your customers. It is the best way to attract and engage the audience and eventually convert to a sale.

These public platforms have immense potential to boost your business reach and that is where we step in. we combine branding, marketing, and advertising for a three-fold benefit.

Having a presence on these online community networks enhances your online reputation and prestige too. Besides, SMM is a robust tool to reach the particular type of users who are your target customers.

It could be according to age, profession, gender, or hobbies.

It is Time to Act

 The Government of Canada is all ready to support SMEs to overcome digitization challenges. The provision shops along the streets in downtown Toronto and other cities of Ontario are like the blood running through the community veins.

FedDev Ontario is going all out to support these businesses to flourish in the digital world in a critical period.

The pandemic has affected everybody in some way or the other, but for you as a small business, Digital Main Street is an opportunity you must grab.