Is TypeScript a Full-Fledged Language for Web-Based Applications?

At the first, we need to understand what Typescript actually is.

TypeScript is just JavaScript but with some additional features. It’s a better version of JavaScript. A person just needs to know JavaScript to be able to work with TypeScript.

This strongly typed and object-oriented-based language has surpassed other languages such as CoffeeScript and Dart.

The need for Typescript:

  • The language that provides an optional type system for JavaScript
  • JavaScript + additional features, hence a complete language.

Advantages of switching from JavaScript to Typescript:

With greatly active and well-documented characteristics, swapping from JavaScript to Typescript is going to be the smartest decision in any project.

Benefits of Typescript Over Javascript Are:

  1. Clean library API
  2. Inbuilt support for JavaScript packaging
  3. ES6 support
  4. Static type checking

The Reason of Typescript Becoming Popular Lately:

The capability of being IntelliSense is the reason for typescript being famous. Most importantly, the compilation of code is sensed intelligently.

The benefits of typescript have provided a great app development experience. So, The large and complex applications are handled without any hassle.

That is why today most of the frameworks are being introduced with typescript.

Typescript with Angular

With the introduction of typescript in angular, the understanding of the code has become easier. The debugging process has become easier with typescript checks. The traversing of the code has become possible.

Typescript with Ionic

Typescript’s source documentation and auto-completion-like functionalities made the app development quick and easy.

Typescript with Aurelia

When typescript was introduced in Aurelia, web, mobile and desktop development turned out to be the most amazing innovation in the history of frameworks.

Being a superset of JavaScript, the question that arises is, Is TypeScript a complete language for web-based applications? Does it provide every feature needed to build any application?


This free and open-source programming language provides functionalities that make the code more manageable. The development of workflows is improved and enhanced.

In addition, the debugging process is quicker and more elementary.

Therefore, offering more controls over your code with type interfaces, classes, and annotations, this programming language is capable to develop a full-fledged programming language with a faster errors-removing process.

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