Why Outsourcing QA Is More Important Than Ever

Be it a large or small firm, Quality Assurance (QA) testing services is an integral part of the business process.

QA tester is required at every stage of a dynamic business process which includes analyzing, designing, coding and then QA testing.

Most of the companies have an in-house testing team that looks after quality assurance. But this compromises the quality check as the internal team might not be so genuine as compared to the externals.

The best way to ensure that the quality is maintained is by outsourcing quality assurance testing and having an in-house software development team.

Software testing is quite a challenging task. If you want your software to be failsafe, then you should outsource quality assurance to specialists.

Earlier, outsourcing was considered as a expenses chop down method. But now days, it is used to accomplish better business goals.

Allotting the QA task to an outsourced specialist quickens the business process and guarantees productivity and profitability.


Quality assurance testing is actually the declaration that whether the quality is up to the mark or not. QA testing ensures that the product meets customers’ requirements as well as the needs of the business product by verifying the functionality, compatibility, scalability and reliability of the product.


Quality assurance aims to create the best possible product for customers. But, it is not that easy to build a comprehensive QA & testing team.

Companies having an internal IT team might also struggle with the testing part as software developers can’t replace QA engineers. 

Thus, when quality assurance is outsourced, the company doesn’t need to worry about the quality levels of the product. Outsourcing QA has a wide range of benefits.

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Here’s what all perks you’ll get along with outsourcing quality assurance:

  • ACCESS TO BEST QA ENGINEERS: It is quite difficult to find the right QA & testing talent because of the inaccessibility to the best QA engineers. So, being a software company you have the privilege to overcome this challenge by hiring remote engineers and forming a distributed team of experts that fits the best for your work.
  • FREE-UP INTERNAL RESOURCES: Quality assurance is a time-consuming process that is filled with highly complex tasks. These tasks are mostly not linked to the normal operations of the company. So, outsourcing quality assurance helps the in-house team to focus more on core business work and generate value for the company.
  • ADOPTING BEST PRACTICES: IT is an ever-changing field and so are the best quality assurance practices. It changes constantly and thus, it is important to keep up with the latest trends. It’s hard to always stay updated with new testing methodologies and requires dedication and passion. This is where outsourcing helps. Outsourcing QA will help you hire people who are really into this stuff and implement the best practices for your project.
  • RISK MINIMIZATION: If you aren’t an expert in the field, it’s easy to overlook things during the precise, creative, and exhaustive process of testing a software product. A great QA team will avoid any downtime and leave no stone unturned to ensure that your software app is of the highest possible quality.
  • SAVING MONEY: Building and maintaining an in-house QA staff is costly. Furthermore, because the majority of their positions are merely temporary or project-specific, finding qualified QA engineers to fill that position would be extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Outsourcing QA services eliminate all costs associated with locating, hiring, and retaining Quality Assurance professionals, allowing you to get back to work quickly while saving money.
  • FASTER TESTING RESULTS: The fault detection turnaround time is reduced when the QA process is outsourced, making the process faster and more effective. The testing businesses use a variety of models, but Follow the Sun is the most effective and productive. If the customer is in a different time zone, the correct Outsource QA team ensures that the procedure’s effectiveness is not hampered by the time zone difference, and the testing results are delivered overnight.


It is not inexpensive to develop a product. I’m very sure no company wants so much time, money, and resources to be wasted. When you outsource quality assurance, you’re unlocking disaster-prevention potential.

The best method to build simple, easy-to-use, intuitive, error-free, and efficient software solutions is to adopt a proper QA procedure. Let’s treat it with the respect it deserves!