Our Agile Software Development Process – 01Synergy InfoGraphic

Agile is a methodology used in software development companies, that embraces the continuous collaboration and efforts of the project development team, the scrum master and the stakeholder. In this process, the whole process is segmented into incremental, iterative work sequences, commonly known as SPRINTS to ameliorate the final product in every SPRINT of its life-cycle. Likewise, at 01Synergy, we use this agile methodology and deliver the superior final product to our client. In other words, Our Project managers are SCRUM Certified who follow the agile methodology for our every single project.

Our Agile Software Development Process:

  • SPRINT Backlog
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

The Parallel Process:

  • SPRINT Review
  • Finished Product

In Addition

Product Owner: StakeHolder, Client, or Business Analyst of Company (if the client has no knowledge of the product)

Scrum Master: Acts as Bridge between the Scrum Team and the Product Owner. Therefore, The basic roles of Scrum Master are scheduling daily standup meetings, sprint meetings with the team and the product owner, and resolving issues.

Sprint Duration: min 5 days to max 2 weeks

Scrum Team: min 2 members to max 3 members

Our Agile Software Development Process - 01Synergy