Swapping from Native iOS to Ionic

Apple, the most wonderful and amazing operating system to work with is today a choice of masses, a choice of classes. Who is not a fan of Apple? Apple has been marked as a status symbol today.

But, the matter of concern is that Apple launches applications, accessible only through devices running on the iOS platform. Apparently, seeking less market share and targeting just half of the audience. That might turn to a huge loss, right!!

That’s when switching from Native iOS to ionic becomes essential. If you want your business to reach a massive audience, you should take a step in establishing your business at least one or more platforms. That’s a way towards your business turning into a profitable one.

What is ionic?

Ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework which has an open source, free software development kit that is used in developing hybrid applications.

Need for ionic:

Ionic is all in one framework; amalgamating Angularjs with HTML, CSS, and Cordova. This makes way to access native device functions. It’s a free platform and hence, becoming popular with every passing day.

Why ionic over native iOS?

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Let’s talk about different domains of both the platforms.

  1. The Magical Structure

Ionic at the first might annoy you because of the presence of tens of thousands of the files. Some of the configuration files are listed below:

  • json
  • json
  • xml
  • js

Without these files, you cannot create any ionic project. These files tend to be the base of any ionic project. Below are some of the folders:

  • hooks/
  • plugins/
  • www/

These folders act as a backbone of a web app.

  1. The Layout that is Easy to Deal with

In the iOS system of operating, Storyboard or xibs is used for creating UI.

In Ionic, you can have all the layouts in HTML files. It is easy and simple to work with.

  1. Routing via States

In Ionic, the routing of pages takes place through states. The configuration of URLs is required here that allows specifying different states in your app.

The ionic view:

  1. The Appearance

The first impression is the last impression. How an app appears matters a lot. In iOS, there are many standard ways to get standard objects hence, making app attractive.

Ionic provides better results than iOS. It is estimated to surpass the technology like iOS in the nearest future.


Ionic is the future.

Hybrid is the Future

When you want to build your app, ionic is a better choice because of its exceptional functionalities.

The CLI of ionic is awesomely spectacular for a complete workflow of an app. Ionic is the complete package.

iOS is a loved platform no doubt, but, the hybrid is just a step ahead of it. When you have an app for 2 platforms and 1 codebase, the profits are astonishing. With ionic being hybrid, there is no struggle of any specific platform.

The current scenario of ionic is high in demand. The speed of the development process is matchless.

Hybrid frameworks are the keys today to the ladder of profitable business