ECI 360: An Initiative by Digital India for Digitally Managed Voting

Digital India, Digital Voting

From developing to digital, from economically weaker to almost economically stable, the journey of India has been full of ups and downs. Many phases came and went, India stood as strong as a tall tree. India has boldly and vigorously overcome all the mainstream tags like a low standard developing country to a digitally smart country like a boss.

Yes, India is transforming into a digitalized country swiftly and it is worth it.

What makes India great? What makes India, the king again? The youth!! The Youth of the country decides what the country will shape into. When the youth of the country works for the nation, the nation turns out to be the strongest. But, but, but, how come can the youth change the world? Obviously, it’s very simple, VOTING!! Voting is the way out. Even more, voting the right candidate can re-shape the nation in a great way. Every vote counts, every vote can make the difference.

Now, the question of concern is, when every other thing is turning digital, from schools to universities, from start-ups to big businesses then, why should voting polls lag behind? Don’t worry. We have a perfect solution for this: Revolutionize voting. ECI 360, THE APP BY 01SYNERGY.

ECI 360, the govt. the approved app helps to manage voting as easy as ever. 01SYNERGY has developed this one-of-a-kind app to carry out the process of elections as smoothly as possible. Therefore, We made voting possible for people with disabilities.

The Range of the App:

As a voter:

As this app is an initiative towards digital India, this app can prove wonders. For a voter, there is a provision of log-in module, where when EPIC number is filled it then allows the viewing of the polling station, list of Candidate(s) contesting from their constituencies &are also able to view the Election results in a span of few seconds. Also, The Public Awareness Educational Activities can be monitored via this app.

As a candidate:

The candidate contesting the elections can directly access the candidate-oriented module of the app. The app helps the candidate to view the list of the polling station in his contesting constituency.

As a backend voting polls handler:

This app is one in a million. In this application, the accessing, controlling and monitoring of the entire election process became easier. Now, the stakeholders, ECI (Election Commission of India), CEO (Chief Electoral officer), DEO (District Election officer), RP (Returning officer), Supervisor (Sector officer) & PRO (Presiding officer) need not to worry. So, Everything is under control now!!


  1. An aid for voters with disabilities: The app helps voters with disabilities like a pro. The voters can ask for special treatment in such case. Without this app, people with disabilities were not able to cast their vote but, today this app made impossible things possible.
  1. View results: Who knew that viewing election results would be this easier? Just open the app and voila!! Everything, every activity of election on your mobile phone, with this amazingly wonderful application.
  1. Faster and reliable: Technology has made our lives literally, “A Bed of Roses”. This app directs you to the elections notifications, as fast as a shark. Time for scheduling and reporting is reduced.  Along with it, it is also reliable and trustworthy app because everything in the app is fetched from the database of the govt.
  1. Secure: The app is secured and protected. Online nominations process has Z level security. Security is the priority.
  1. Eases for media: The accredited Media members can log-in and view the current status of whatsoever is happening in different constituencies and the polling stations list wise. The media member can also access the poll percentage by using the Accreditation Number provided by the District Public Relation Officer (DPRO).


India is at its peak of transforming from conventional techniques to digital. Right now, it is a perfect time to renovate things to online. In the coming 10 years, I see India a way ahead. This app is just a small initiative. When used rightly, the app is capable enough to re-shape India. India needs more of such apps.

Stand for your nation, the nation needs you.

Every vote counts!!

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