Best Courses You Can Do To Master AI and ML


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are some of the most prominent growing fields in the area of computer science technology. Countless developers are competing with each other to know more about these fields to stay in the vanguard of their profession.

For this AI and ML certifications are very important:

  1. Learning about and grasping AI and ML puts individuals on the path to promising futures
  2. Prestigious certification sets them apart from the competition and shows employers what skills they have
  3. This sector is constantly evolving, and it can be a humongous challenge to keep up with the pace. Certification tells an employer that you know your basics well – and only experience needs to be attained
  4. Career sites also note that professionals with AI and ML certifications are likely to earn much more than those without


AI Professional Course at Stanford: This online program offers rigorous impartment of modern AI fields, including machine learning, reinforcement learning, neural networks, and natural language processing. It is of intermediate level and requires the following prerequisites:

  1. Proficiency in Python
  2. College Calculus and Linear Algebra
  3. Grasp of Advanced Probability

Artificial Intelligence A-Z: During this course students can apply their extensive knowledge in AI to design real-world applications and sell them later. The course includes:

  1. AI and its uses
  2. AI Designs
  3. Intuition Q-learning, Deep Q-learning and Deep Convolutional Q-learning
  4. A3C ( Asynchronous Advantage Actor Critic )
  5. Controlling advanced AI models 
  6. Building Virtual Self-Driving Cars
  7. Using AI to test games and trying to defeat them
  8. Engaging AI to solve real-world problems

Machine Learning Program by DataCamp: This course is for beginners, a basic introduction to Machine Learning without the need to write any code. It has no prerequisites. The course covers:

  1. ML Concepts and Technology
  2. Supervised Vs Unsupervised Learning
  3. Hyperparameter Concepts and Tuning
  4. Introduction to Deep Learning with NLP and Computer Vision

AI Course for Everyone by Coursera: This is one of the best online courses offered on AI. It is located on, established by the founding leader of Google Brain – Andre Ng. There are no prerequisites and it covers:

  1. Machine Learning and its functions
  2. The technical know-how of ML and non-technical explanations of deep learning
  3. Short quizzes to assist in grasping new and difficult concepts

Harvard’s CS50 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python via edX: This incredible course offered by Harvard utilizes Python and is offered by edX – the online platform. It covers topics such as: 

  1. Probability theories and logical inference to understand the process of creating AI-powered devices
  2. Knowledge of machine learning, reinforcement learning, neural networks
  3. Working with Bayesian networks and Markov models
  4. Working with Graph Search Algorithms
  5. Creating constraint satisfaction designs  

IBM Applied AI Certification Course by Coursera: This course provides the technical know-how for using Python to create virtual assistants, chatbots, neural networks, machine learning and deep learning. There are no prerequisites and the course covers:

  1. Usage of minimal coding to create AI-powered programs with APIs, Python, and IBM’s Watson AI service
  2. Virtual assistants and chatbots to assist customers and clients in the absence of physical customer support for your business
  3. Application of vision techniques to upload various design and classification models

AI Applications with Watson by IBM via edX: This course provides work experience with   IBM’s AI  – the IBM Watson, to create smarter AI programs for more realistic responses and functions. There are no prerequisites and covers:

  1. Programming AI to transcribe and evaluate big data sets and applying specific functions to improve efficiency
  2. Chatbots grasping grievances by improving their IQ through Watson’s discovery automatically
  3. Designing Watson to analyze tone and customer preferences


In this blog, we have listed some of the best AI and ML Courses out there. We included the prerequisites required and the topics taught in each of the courses. One may research these further to find the course that is best suited to your learning style and budget.  

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