Best UI/UX Design Tips For Mobile Apps In 2022

What is UI/UX Design?

Whenever you install or work with a new mobile application, the first thing that gets your attention is the UI/UX design. The UI is what creates a connection between the user and the brand.

As it is often said, the first impression matters a lot. This is why UI design matters in the process of developing mobile applications.

How a user feels while using an app depends on the UI and overall UX. If the app has all the features in the right place and is smooth to work with, the user will want to spend more time using it which will directly increase the ROI.

Trends keep changing and it is essential for all brands to keep transforming their UI design in order to keep the connection alive between their brand and all customers.

A good UI doesn’t always mean just a good-looking UI. The UI should be designed in such a way that the user feels at ease and enjoys the whole experience. The content needs to be organized in an accessible and attractive manner.

UI and UX design trends keep changing and 2022 was a great year to see accelerated progress.

Top mobile design trends that will take your brand to the moon!

Here Are the Best Mobile UI/UX Design Trends for Both Android and Ios Apps for 2022 

Maximum Personalization

The more we can personalize our app experience, the more we feel that it is our own. This is why mobile app development has to include personalization as one of the top requirements in an app.

This is a great time to do this because it can be done well with the help of AI.

YouTube, Spotify and other apps like SoundCloud use AI to observe user behavior and preferences so that they can offer better music recommendations.

Users find it exciting and even look forward to what they are going to find whenever they launch an app. Personalization is a major element. Make use of it.

Rounded Margins

Modern smartphones keep changing. As new models are released, we notice that most flagship phones have their displays with rounded corners.  

Users like a rounded display because it is easy on the eyes and generally feels better to look at. This is why modern app development takes this into consideration.

All apps and mobile websites include a curved UI design because it enhances the overall user experience. The key is to give users what they like and what is trending.

Easy Voice Command Control

The use of voice commands to control the device through personal or virtual mobile assistants like Siri or Alexa is rising.

A lot of users love to just speak and get quick results. This practice is finding its place in upcoming UX design trends.

Voice-controlled apps are changing how we use technology because they prove to offer quick, hands-free and convenient results that ensure the most personalized experience.

Login Without Passwords

Today we use so many apps that it is impossible to set and remember all the login passwords. In 2022, it is just not practical to manually enter a password every time you want to use an application or service.

This is why many mobile apps use other methods of authentication to let the users log in without having to remember and manually enter the password.

This can be done by facial or fingerprint login. Apart from this, the app can also remember the password and allow login with a single click. One-time passwords or push notifications on the phone to allow access are also a good idea.

Interactive Animation

We like our information to be dynamic. You can verify this by looking at all trends on social media pointing towards videos and animation.

Rather than plain old boring texts, users prefer animation to get their information. It is more immersive, and interactive and also gives you a good feeling of something fresh.

Animations greatly elevate overall UX for users. Users feel more involved as their information slides across the screen or simply pops out when they select something.

You can use different animations for different choices and windows. Apart from using animation just for providing information, you can make it a part of your branding too.

Play with Dark Themes

Dark mode or Dark themes in app design is something that has gained popularity and is bound to improve in 2022.

Users love to work with dark themes at night because dark mode reduces light pixels and does not strain your eyes in low light conditions. Dark themes also save battery because the load on the display is reduced.

Use Gradients

This is 2022 and users love the subtle depth in everything they see. The days of single-colored UI are gone and this is the time for better use of gradients.

Designers at UI/UX design agencies can play with different colors and blend them to make new colors. In app design, gradients play an essential role because colors are the foundation of how users feel.

Gradients play a huge role in creating the “feel” of the mobile application.

Less Buttons and More Gestures

Modern mobile devices do not use physical buttons to get things done anymore. Mobile designers have done away with the buttons to give more space to the screen so that more data can be displayed on it. Users now interact with the data through touch and gestures.

Use 3d and Faux 3d to Enhance Ux

3D in mobiles is not a recent innovation. In fact, 3D effects have been used in entertainment and games for a long time.

However, by inculcating 3D and Faux 3D elements in everyday mobile applications, UI/UX mobile app developers can enhance the user experience by making it more realistic.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR technologies can be leveraged to create innovative, attractive and interactive mobile applications which provide all users with a unique and exciting experience. Users love it when they find something new and creative in their mobile app.  

AR/VR technologies can elevate the eCommerce, entertainment, education, real estate and media industries. The adoption of AR and VR with UI/UX development can change the way users interact with your content.

Bottom Navigation

Today we have large screen mobile phones. Our displays are getting bigger so that we can access more content and also multitask when required. However, there is a problem that comes with a larger screen size.

Sometimes, the thumb cannot reach some of the options on the screen. This is due to the limited range of the thumb.

This is why UI/UX designers include a bottom navigation bar as a regular practice to ensure ease of use. This is to ensure that users can access all major parts of the app instantly.

Some UI/UX designers design the interface so that a single swipe-up motion brings the bottom navigation bar on the screen.

Relatable Illustrations

UI/UX developers understand that users are more likely to stay engaged if they have an emotional engagement with the UI design and the content. When great content is offered with a brilliantly designed UI, users tend to stay.

A great way of connecting with your users is to include relatable, creative and sometimes humorous illustrations in your UX. You want your users to connect emotionally with your brand.

Use Chatbots in Your UI

Chatbots have become an important element of UI/UX design and development. Chatbots should be programmed so that they can understand basic queries and give the user relevant assistance.

The Chatbot should be able to understand several slang, common phrases, words and other text communication-related inputs.

Design Device-Independent Apps

Design for all devices. As more devices make their way into users’ homes, you need to plan ahead. People are accessing the same data with different types of devices.

This is why you have to create apps that are device independent. Just mobile and web design are not enough anymore. UI/UX designers need to get creative and design the app in a way where the type of device does not matter.

Content Design is the Key

Make sure your content is readable for all. Use easily readable fonts which are sized appropriately. The experience of using your app should be immersive and productive.

How your content appears to the user makes all the difference. Content design is one of the factors which contribute to the success of any mobile application.


The most important thing for you as a UI/UX designer is to provide value to the user. You need to improve the experience of the user and give them something that they want to work with every day.

Use the tips mentioned above in the right balance to create an app that works for the masses and gives them real satisfaction.

Sometimes, thinking out of the box will give you the greatest ideas to improve your app UX. This is how technology evolves. All you need is the intention to improve lives.

Use these UI/UX design tips to create the best mobile app!

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