Want to Know How to Build a Website with React? – Here Are a Few Things You Should Know

Building a React website can seem like a daunting task for many. However, today you can find countless react website templates and react website builders which can make the process easier for you.

How to Make the Best Seo Friendly React Website

It is common knowledge that higher rankings lead to better traffic which eventually increases your chances to get more leads.

Higher rankings mean better business. This is why it is essential to make your website SEO friendly.  There are several JavaScript libraries that can be used to make your website SEO friendly.

However, React JS is at the top because it is extremely convenient to work and offers a massive ecosystem to handle all aspects of optimization. React website design process is highly rewarding for developers.

Why Work With React JS?

Here is why you should be working with React JS to develop your website.

Steadiness in Code

One of the main advantages of building your website with React JS is that you won’t have to think twice about the stability of the code.

Whenever any changes are made in a code, changes are made only in that particular component. The main advantage of using React JS is that the parent structure will not be altered in any way.

If you need code that is stable, React JS is the choice to make. It is also one of the top reasons for the widespread popularity of React JS.

Impressive Toolset for Better Web Development

React JS is used extensively by web development experts because it offers a fully functional toolset and tech stack. You get to easily use react developer and Redux development tools as chrome extensions.

The whole task of coding is made simpler with the help of this developer toolkit. You can work with this toolset on both Google Chrome and Firefox in the form of an extension.

React Js Lets You Accelerate the Development

React website design process is smooth and quick. This is because React JS allows all developers to fully utilize each aspect of their application.

Developers don’t have to spend much time on coding. Several developers can take charge of separate aspects of the application and the modifications that are made will not disrupt the logic of the application.

How to Build a Seo Friendly Website with React Js

We have now understood the importance of React JS related to SEO and other things. Now it is time for us to start learning how to create SEO-friendly web apps.

But before that, let us find out some challenges faced while making React JS websites search engine optimization friendly.

If you are able to master the react SEO process, you will be able to rank high on Google and get the greatest results.

Before you are able to do that, you need to know the existing challenges which have to be faced.

1.       Loading Time

It takes some time to parse and load JavaScript. In order to execute the content, JavaScript has to make network calls. This is why the user might have to sit and wait until they are given the desired information.

2.       Sitemap

A sitemap is a file that contains the list of all pages of your website. It can also be called the blueprint of your website which assists the search engine in finding, crawling and indexing all web pages. Sitemaps allow search engines to crawl websites more efficiently.

If you want to create sitemaps, React does not have inbuilt abilities to do so. However, with React Router, you will be able to work with tools that will help you to create sitemaps. But remember, this is going to take some time and so it can be counted as one of the challenges.

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3.       Deficit of Dynamic Metadata

One-page apps are created dynamically. They are great because they offer a streamlined experience to the user. All the desired information is offered to the user on a single page.

However, when we talk about the search engine optimization of the single-page application, a problem occurs. The metadata is not updated instantly when crawlers visit the SPA link.

The problem is that the Google bots will consider the page totally empty since that very file is not able to get indexed by Google bots.

If the developers want, they can solve the ranking issue of the page by creating single pages for these bots. However, creating single pages increases the expenses and work for the creators. This also has little effect on the whole ranking process.

How to Make Your React Website SEO Friendly for the Best Ranking

1.       Creating Static or Dynamic Web Applications

Now we know that SPAs or Single Page Applications are not easy to be retrieved by Google regarding search engine optimization, we need a way to overcome this problem.

This problem is solved by creating static or dynamic web apps. Since they use server-side rendering, it becomes convenient for Google bots to crawl the website seamlessly.

Your decision to choose between static or dynamic web apps highly depends on the marketplace you are hoping to penetrate.

For instance, if you think each page of your site has essential information for the user and everything is of value, you should use the dynamic website. On the other hand, if your goal is to promote only your landing pages, your choice should be the static website.

2.       Generate URL in Lower Case

You might know this but Google bots treat pages differently when their URLs have lowercase or uppercase. For e.g., /Products and /products

Just because these URLs have different cases, they will be considered to be different by Google bots. If you want to avoid such mistakes, make sure you always use lowercase while generating your URLs.

3.       404 Code

The 404 error is one of the most commonly experienced code errors by internet users. Servers have to respond to the requests of the users while a user is trying to browse a webpage.

If you set up files in server.js and route js, this will solve many problems for you. When files are updated with server.js or route.js, your web page is able to handle substantial traffic.

4.       Don’t Use a Hashed URL

Even though this is not a substantial thing but you should know that the Google crawler does not scan the URL after the hash

For example




Taking an example from the above URL, you should see that the Google bot will see nothing after the hash. https://example.com/ will suffice.

5.       Use <a href> Elements

Many times, developers make the error of using a <div> or a <button> to change the URL.

This issue is regarding the search engines. When Google bots crawl a page, they try to find more URLs to explore within <a href> elements.

However, the main problem occurs when the <a href> element is not found. Then the Google bots don’t crawl the URL and skip the PageRank system. 

The solution for this is to define links with <a href> so that it gets convenient for Google crawlers to go through all pages.

This brief guide was to help you get additional information related to react website design and development. You can use this information as a foundation to make your react website SEO-friendly and get better rankings.

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