Flyy Case Study

flyy case study

FlyyX Technologies Private Limited (Flyy), a product-based company in India boasts of a very productive, progressive, and cordial work culture and environment. Through professionals, the company follows very ethical work practices. When they approached  01Synergy to develop a Software Development Kit (SDK), we put our most efficient team of developers at work.  The Flyy SDK … Read more

Irel8 Case Study

irel8 case study

The beginning of the Year 2020 saw the world change like never before. A deadly virus called Covid-19  hit humanity, catching all of us unaware and creating a new world no one had imagined or foreseen. As the global economy began to shut down due to lockdowns and restrictions, each individual faced a new challenge … Read more

Stormboard Case Study

stormboard case study

Stormboard is a team collaboration software that can help improve productivity has always been in demand. But with the ‘Work from Home’ and ‘Virtual Conference’ culture catching on, most of the corporates feel the need for team collaboration software more than ever before. This is how 01 Synergy came around to developing Stormboard, a digital … Read more