Stormboard Case Study

Stormboard is a team collaboration software that can help improve productivity has always been in demand.

But with the ‘Work from Home’ and ‘Virtual Conference’ culture catching on, most of the corporates feel the need for team collaboration software more than ever before.

This is how 01 Synergy came around to developing Stormboard, a digital workplace that enables and helps the high-performing teams to hold more productive meetings, monitor projects and get work done both in person or remotely.

It lets the users open, create, co-edit, and save Microsoft documents with a built-in Microsoft 365 connection.

The users can utilize the Infinite Canvas, add sections, resize templates but never run out of space.

With hundreds of templates to choose from, it makes teamwork more efficient and productive.

The navigation panel makes sure that the work is never lost. It gives you an option to use whiteboard sticky notes to sketch out your ideas, pin them and lets one add text, file, image, videos, and other sticky notes to add to the content.

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Stormboard Process

The users have an access to Dashboard, Folders, Team Accounts, can quickly add Ideas, invite Users, create Storms, assign tasks, add comments, vote on ideas, Storm chat, search and access Substorms.

This software developed by 01 Synergy is compatible with mobile apps, tablets and iPads acting as a companion to the desktop versions. 

Stormboard works can also work on any device and in any browser without unnecessary installation.

The features within the app tend to sync work in real-time across the desktop and phone apps, allowing users to access Stormboard on the go. 

This software has proven to be of great utility and received very positive reviews.