How to Write Meta Descriptions that Drive Traffic and Conversions

A meta description is one of the vital elements of an effective SEO strategy.

It is a 150-160 characters summary that provides the zest of the content available on any webpage.

As a part of the algorithm, Google chooses the web page for the SERPs that has a Meta description rich with the target keyword.

However, the Meta tag is not considered as a ranking element but yet, it is one of the effective measures to attract customers to click on the link and access the business.

Usually, Meta is written as: <Meta name=”description” content=, followed by the written description.

There Are Two Different Types of Meta That Are Very Important:

Home Page Meta Description:

A home page Meta description is hard to write as you have to write an overview of the entire page and make it compelling enough to make the user click on the link.

Product Page Meta Description:

The product description is comparatively easier as you have to focus on a single product type instead of everything you offer on your website.

How to Write Meta Description Effectively?

To write an effective Meta description, you need to first assess what are you offering to your customers, and why should they buy it from you?

You can always consider the customer feedback and incorporate it in the Meta tag.

However, for a new business, you need to think through and create an informational, attractive and conversion-friendly Meta tag.

What Is the Right Time to Write a Meta Tag?

You do not have to write the Meta tags in a hurry.

It is ok if you are not able to create one right away as google will automatically extract a Meta tag from your page description. However, this tag won’t be as alluring as you need.

To make the process easier, start writing the Meta Tags of your home page and then focus on the products that are popular and attract more traffic.

Once you write for such pages, you will learn how to deal with the Meta tags of other non-progressive pages of your website.

Some Important Facts to Know About Meta Tags:

  • Meta tag cannot be longer than 155 characters
  • It is important to focus on the key customer
  • Identify the message you want to send and craft it in a well written, information-rich and user-friendly language.

So, now that you know how to write effective Meta Tags, get started with your app development company‘s website.