The Promise of Quantum Computing

The Basic Idea

Conventional computers work on binary bits – 0 and 1. Quantum Computers work in qubits and their several different superposition states. The increase in possible states per unit leads to greater versatility, which leads to faster calculations per unit volume.

However, near-zero temperatures are required for qubits to maintain their states for extraction of information. The cooling apparatus required for these ultra-cold conditions makes them very big and unwieldy.

What is a Qubit ?

Elementary particles in nature have an inherent quantity called spin associated with them. Although spin means rotation, technically we don’t know exactly what spin is. It’s just that some experiments can be explained if particles are assumed to be rotating. But when the speed of such rotation is calculated it comes out too high and contradicts the maximum speed attainable according to Physics.

For each particle the spin measurement can take up two or more distinct values in a magnetic field. If more particles are used, then through superposition even more states can be achieved. These states or mixture of states are called qubits.


  1. Genome Sequencing: One of the most time consuming tasks is to fully map the human genome. This is essential for the study of genetic disorders. Quantum Computing can bring the knowledge of one’s DNA to even to a common person.
  2. Vaccine Design: With Quantum Computing, vaccines can be designed in a short time to fight epidemics and pandemics. Stability and performance of biomolecules with desired properties can be simulated. The significance of this cannot be taken lightly after the experience of COVID-19 in which over 3 million people died world wide.
  3. Database Searching: With the data on the internet growing exponentially, to get to the right information becomes very important. Quantum powered search engines can sift through the information with greater speed and efficiency.
  4. Weather Forecasting: Meteorology is one of the most data heavy and computational exercises on the planet. Quantum Computing can bring down the run-time of such complex analyses by many magnitudes of order.  
  5. Schrodinger Equation: SE is the governing equation of the theory of Quantum Mechanics. Unfortunately the complete solutions for the wavefunctions of larger atoms has eluded researchers till now. Quantum Computing promises to make not only large atoms but big molecular studies simpler.     
  6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: If you think that AI is dangerous, wait till it is combined with the power of quantum computing. Quantum Computing will boost AI and ML to unimaginable levels. 

Top Quantum Computing Companies

  1. IBM: This old famous company is leading the race for quantum computing in the world. It was the first to offer cloud based quantum access to players. It plans to release a 1000 qubit chip by the end of 2023.
  2. Google: The Sycamore chip developed by Google has 54 qubits and is capable of performing a calculation in 200 seconds, which would take a conventional computer 10,000 years to perform. Thus Google is on the forefront of this research.
  3. D-Wave: A Canadian firm, it was the first to sell quantum computers. It uses the processes of quantum annealing to search for solutions to complicated real world problems at fast speeds.
  4. Microsoft: For decades, Microsoft has been working on the basic research in quantum physics. It has generated all the foundational study needed for the development of the topological qubit – a new type of qubit that will be smaller and faster than its contemporary.
  5. Amazon: Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service. It speeds up scientific research and software development. Amazon is also running the AWS Centre for Quantum Computing and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab.    


Quantum Computing promises to make the computing process more effective and faster. There are many scientific problems that can be answered by Quantum Computing. There are many organisations competing with each other in the field. AI and ML powered by quantum technology can change the game altogether. We can really envisage a revolutionary time, where reality may far exceed what we can imagine right now.

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