Things to Consider before Hiring a Software Developer


A Software Developer is an individual who creates computer programs used for executing specific tasks, covering everything from databases to apps. From the organizational point of view, he is the most important cog in the machinery. 

He uses mathematical models, computer science tech, and engineering skills to develop computerized systems for the organization. Additionally, he also helps improve sales and revenue by developing channels for the customers so that they can access the organization’s products and services easily.

Thus hiring the right software developer is very important. The hiring process should be very efficient, so that both the company and the individual are benefitted.

A few questions that you may put forth while selecting such a developer are:

  1. Why am I hiring a dedicated developer?
  2. What are the needs of my business?
  3. What are my expectations from the application?
  4. Who are my potential customers?
  5. What kind of return on investment am I looking for?

It is important to find the right kind of questions also as per the business requirement – only then can answers truly come forth and a clear path to the goal envisioned. 

Let us now look at some things you can consider in the process of selecting a prospective candidate.

Things to Consider

Experience: To ascertain this, you must find out how many and what kind of successful projects have been completed by the candidate. Also when hiring, it is important to prioritize candidates with relevant experience that aligns with the organization’s needs to ensure they can contribute to your team effectively.

Soft Skills: Not only technical skills, but behavioral patterns also affect efficiency, effectiveness and contribution to the company:

  1. Good Communication: The narrative of the project is set by the words we use, the way they are said and how much clarity we bring to the table. Good communication is key to working effectively with others.
  2. Outstanding Time Management: It is said that ‘ Time is money ‘. Thus, completing a task in the given time frame, makes a world of difference to the image of the company. Customers contact and come back to organizations that deliver applications on time.
  3. Fantastic Problem-Solving Skills: Just like life, clients are always tossing new problems at you everyday. This requires critical thinking and imaginative answers and solutions. Problem Solvers are deeply respected and admired.
  4. Constant Adapter and Learner: The theory of evolution postulates ‘ survival of the fittest ‘. Life changes continuously, and those who are smart learners are more likely to succeed

Technical Skills: These are the skills that matter the most. It is the proficiency in technical matters that decides the success of a project.

  1. Software Frameworks: A software framework is a pre-established setup on which professionals can build their application. A developer who has experience in this area can fabricate applications faster and with greater quality
  2. Programming Languages: Developers with expertise in different programming languages can craft complex and intricate code that can translate into ingenious applications. Some useful languages to know are JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C++ and Java
  3. Database Knowledge: Information is power. To know how to arrange, store and query data is an important skill in today’s age of digital information. Thus professionals with database management skills are highly sought after
  4. Testing Procedures: To ensure the quality and functionality of your software applications, a developer should have a good understanding of tests such as unit testing, integration testing and system testing. This is an important area for customer satisfaction.
  5. Debugging Skill: Errors often creep-up during coding. The application does not behave as envisioned. In such scenarios, it is important to be able to pin-point the problem and rectify it. Professionals with excellent troubleshooting skills are highly coveted

End Note

Finding the right software developer can be tricky if you do not know what abilities and soft skills to look for. However, the task itself is not complex if you understand the requirements and have clarity on purpose and vision. Using the skills mentioned in this article, you can expand on them further and develop a rigorous and robust recruitment process. This way you can help ensure that you hire a developer who ticks all of the right boxes.

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