Best Programming Languages for Data Science

Introduction Coding is becoming very essential day-by-day to the work of a data scientist. A data scientist is a technical expert who uses mathematics and statistics to manipulate, analyze and extract information from data. According to Fortune Business Insights, the data science platform market size was valued at USD 64.14 billion in 2021 and is … Read more

Python or Java: Which Should You Learn ?

Introduction As a novice, deciding which programming language to learn – Python or Java, can be tough. It’s important to choose the one that you have an aptitude for and can pick up fast.  An important criteria is also that it should have long-term prospects. Both languages are very popular. And both are general-purpose languages … Read more

Big Data Analytics – Decoding Information Silos

Introduction If you are a business owner, everyday, your customers generate an abundance of data. Each time they open their email, use a mobile app, tag someone on social media, walk into a store, the relevant technologies collect and process data. And that’s just the customers – there are also employees, supply chains, marketing efforts, … Read more

Predictive Analytics – Garnering Insights from Data

Introduction The ability to predict future events and trends is of crucial importance across industries. The predictions could be for the near future – predicting the malfunction of a piece of machinery during the course of that week, or for the distant future, such as predicting company’s cash flows for the upcoming year.  Here-in comes … Read more