Excellent Open-Source Projects for Developers to Contribute To


Any project, framework, software or block of code publicly accessible and freely available for anyone to access, inspect, modify, and share is called open source. 

This world of open-source is becoming larger than ever. As the world gets more connected,  people are getting more interested in being a part of building amazing new technologies

Contributing to top open source projects is a great way to build your programming career. Not only can you practice software development, but you can put your projects in your portfolio. Many employers look for an active, thriving GitHub account.

The concept of Open source has really been a boon to the world of Web Development as both these entities are very closely connected – so much so that Web Development Applications are openly classified as either Open Source or Closed Source.

Python Open Source Projects

Python is one of the top in-demand languages in the programming world. It encourages developers to use functional, reflective and object-oriented programming. Some of the open-source frameworks are:

TensorFlow: This framework is popular for AI and ML. You can solve complicated problems with it. Very significantly, TensorFlow has many samples and tutorials that help you master it

Django: This web framework has been used on sites like Instagram and Mozilla. Contributing to Django allows you to immerse yourself in clean and pragmatic designs.

Flask: This is a web framework for building web apps. Being lightweight it is great for beginners and offers virtual debugging.

OpenCV: OpenCV is preferred for its computer vision and machine learning library. It is used by big companies like Google, Intel, and IBM

Ansible: Ansible simplifies automating networks by computerizing provisioning, app deployment, and other IT processes. It is an alternative to Chef, Jenkins and Puppet.

C++ Open Source Projects

C++ is known for its high performance computing prowess. Being a powerful and continuously-evolving language, one can learn a lot of valuable programming tricks by engaging with C++.

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit: This toolkit is preferred when one is looking for deep-learning capabilities. You can create ML prediction models and some of the most advanced AI applications with it. 

IncludeOS: This is a minimal uni-kernel operating system that allows you to run apps in the cloud without the need for installing an OS. It is used in enterprise solutions, microservices and IoT tech

Kodi: The USPs of Kodi are its great interface, skinning engine and availability for multiple OS. It works great as an entertainment center and a home theater

SerenityOS: This OS is vastly preferred by Unix lovers, for C++ projects. Not only does it give users nostalgia, but also features contemporary support for power users

Monero: This is a popular decentralized cryptocurrency. It has an edge over other currencies for its safety features, like traders’ addresses, balances and transaction details that cannot be decrypted

JAVA Open Source Projects

Java is a versatile programming language that can be used in implementations from web pages to tv screens. One can develop their essential programming language skills by contributing to the following projects:

Jenkins: This is particularly useful as an automation server with numerous plugins to automate almost anything

Spring Framework: This is a powerful but lightweight and flexible framework preferred commonly for App development

Elasticsearch: This toolkit is particularly suited to data science projects as you can analyze, search and store big volumes of data quickly

Bazel: Bazel is used for building large scale software. It is significantly employed by big enterprise players like Google, Huwaei, Dropbox 

Apache Tomcat: This web server is used to deploy JSPs ( Java Server Pages ), WebSockets and servlets


The above mentioned projects are some of the best Open Source Projects for developers. If you are a coding enthusiast, you can join the open-source community and make important contributions to code repositories

Contributing to open source projects can be a fun-filled way of taking your development journey forward and most importantly lead you to the world of new findings, exciting experiences, and an extensive network of developers just like yourself.

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