Top AI Tools for Greater Productivity


Amazing new AI products are being introduced in the market that are helping businesses become more productive and efficient by speeding up tasks and use cases.

Large Language Models (LLMs) like Microsoft 365 Copilot, Google Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT are being used to generate code, author customer documentation, create marketing materials, answer questions and develop new product ideas.

Other hot artificial intelligence tools like Amazon Bedrock facilitate the accessibility of GenAI models through an API, while Google’s Vertex AI Platform provides customized MLOps ( Machine Learning Operations ) tools for data scientists and ML engineers.

It appears that the possibilities and uses for GenAI will increase with every new version and iteration. Google, Microsoft and Amazon are now spending billions of dollars on fabricating new AI tools.

Here, we break down the 10 hottest AI tools that every business, investors and users should know about.


These Large Language Models ( LLMs ), allow you to interact with an AI in a conversational style. The advanced ones are able to answer queries, using advanced reasoning, can write code and make mathematical calculations 

ChatGPT: Among all chatbots, ChatGPT is the premier champion of artificial intelligence. Its very easy to use and surprisingly effective

Bard: Designed by Google, Bard is in competition with ChatGPT. It is currently trying to improve its accuracy and integrate with the other services of Google.

AI Apps for Content Creation

By accepting your prompts, these apps are able to provide you with a first draft for content creation. The AI can act as a co-writer, supporting you to awaken your literary genius

Jasper: This AI tool really packs a punch when it comes to generating high volumes of content. It has dozens of templates to get you started, connects to the internet for research and helps generate relevant images is a slower paced option. It suggests short completions to your prompts and is more suitable for ideation and iteration

AI Apps for Video Creation

AI Apps can be utilized to edit and enhance videos, making them more appealing for  viewers. In the present scenario, heavy performance AI videography tools are not much further down the road

Descript: This App converts your video into script. Following that you can edit the script to cause changes in the video

Wondershare Filmora: This old App now integrates Artificial Intelligence to enable you to remove backgrounds, denoise low-quality clips, and improve sound quality. All this with the familiar erstwhile interface

AI Apps for Note-Taking

We take notes because we need the solutions some day. AI helps ensure that the required ideas surface at the right time and when needed instead of plunging deep down

Mem: Mem tags and connects notes as you take them, so you don’t have to spend time in organization. When the time comes to look for solutions, Mem re-surfaces the connected notions while searching

AI Apps for Research

When you have to research new topics, you have to devote a lot of time, and have to remain organized. These Apps, push the frontiers of your consciousness at the same time coagulating useful information for later consumption 

Genei: Genei invites you to enter project keywords and topics for search. It then creates a useful summary of the results from the internet presenting them to you.  

Aomni: This App researches topics based on questions you put forth. After creating a list of results it presents a summary of them to you


The amount of productivity that you can achieve definitely depends on the quality of the tools you employ. Integrating the best AI tools streamlines your activities and boosts efficiency.

In this article we have talked about some of the best AI productivity tools to save your valuable time and achieve fantastic results. So don’t get left behind !

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