Chatbots – Everything You Should Know About


Chatbots are most popular nowadays. Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization(SEM & SEO) dominated the marketing sector in the 2000s. Social media marketing got popular around 2010 after social media giant Facebook gained popularity. The most recent marketing trend that was observed was the rise of Mobile marketing as new apps were being launched … Read more

Ethical Tech Lessons We’ve Learned During the Covid-19 Crisis


The year 2020 was undoubtedly unwonted and life-changing for all of us. Dominated by the global covid-19 pandemic, shut us all in and fundamentally changed our working style.  It was a year of loss and grieving, lightened by brief moments of personal, professional and political reckoning. Finally, it was a year of technology. From remote … Read more

Why Outsourcing QA Is More Important Than Ever


Be it a large or small firm, Quality Assurance (QA) testing services is an integral part of the business process. QA tester is required at every stage of a dynamic business process which includes analyzing, designing, coding and then QA testing. Most of the companies have an in-house testing team that looks after quality assurance. … Read more

Technologies Poised to Thrive After Covid


The spread of coronavirus has sent shockwaves across the global economy and the world is changing dramatically because of it. From work to learning to our personal lives, no area has remained untouched by the global pandemic. Many of the effects are negative. I mean, how long must we stay away from our friends and … Read more