Watch out for these top 15 Android App Development Trends in 2021

Android App

Smartphones are becoming smarter and android app development is emerging with more advancement each day. Apps have made a home in our mobile devices and into our lives. Fresh and imaginative applications make life easier for the people, making them jump the wagon. From a business point of view, innovative creation presents a high revenue … Read more

QVIC Hosted, Audio Video Conference System, Unified Communication


QVIC or Quick Video Calling application is an innovative unified communication framework for video/audio calling, conferencing, and document sharing on a privately hosted secure platform. Although there are a number of video conferencing (VC) tools available, and most of them are free, most organizations think that their data and privacy are exposed to cyber-attacks and … Read more

Cake Ordering App for Home Bakers & Cake Shops in Toronto

cake ordering app

Are you a home baker or cake shop owner in Toronto who wants to grow the business in the simplest way? Well, this article is for you. Own your specific Cake ordering App and grow your business with a very small investment. There is huge market potential in selling cakes and other sweet goodies online … Read more

Mobile Applications: Facts You Should Know About

Mobile Applications

Some facts about mobile applications are that a humungous number of mobile apps have made a home in our phones and taken over many areas of our lives. We are using them for all & everything. Social interaction, entertainment, business, shopping, bookings, and many more activities are executed via apps. From a commercial point of … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Hire iOS Developers in 2019

Guide to hire ios developers in 2019

The android alone holds over 86% of the market share however, the premium appeal of iOS cannot be defeated. The fans of iOS systems understand how it differs from other

The Agile Mobile App Development Services of 01Synergy Wins GoodFirms’ Attention

The Agile Mobile App Development Services of 01Synergy Wins GoodFirms’ Attention

Recently, the GoodFirms evaluated various services of 01Synergy and found the company as a highly reliable, consistent, and scruples agency having strong visions…